New Thoughts on Modern Technology

Ming Zhen

PureInsight | September 22, 2003

[] To say modern technology is driven by electricity is not an exaggerating. Take a look, how many home appliances do not require electricity? Certain electrical appliances: refrigerators, TV sets, stereos and microwaves have become necessities for most modern peoples households. Although the action of plugging an appliance into an outlet to send current from the outlet through the cord to the appliance itself seems simple, the production of electricity and its balancing relationship in the universe is far more complicated. Even more complicated is the process of atomic energy production and its use.

Theoretically, at the atomic level, energy currents form when electrons move between atoms. An atom contains protons with a positive charge, neutrons with a neutral charge and electrons with a negative charge. All three form an uncharged atom. Many things in nature tend to reach a neutral state. Equilibrium within an atom is very similar to the balance between "Yin" and "Yang," a theory already known in ancient China. An electron carries a negative Yin charge.

Present electronic technology mainly makes use of electric energy produced by electron flow and then converts it to other energy forms. No matter which kind of electrical products one uses, the most basic energy source is that created by the movement of electrons. As an example, the cathode TV tube utilizes an electron beam to bombard the fluorescent screen and then forms images, whereas microwaves produced by the fast vibration of electrons in the magnetron tube may be used to cook foods.

If an electron has Yin properties, does it not then follow that electrical appliances used in our daily life are Yin in nature? If the inside of the human body is also in balance between Yin and Yang, just like an atom, would the use of electrical appliances for long periods have adverse effects on the human body?

The answer should be yes.

Currently, it has been proven that radiation emitted by many electrical appliances have very harmful effects on the human body. The strong electromagnetic waves emitted by a cell phone and wireless communication apparatuses have borne that out. In the laboratory, when cells grow in an environment of strong electromagnetic waves; the cells' activities would decrease and show pathogenic changes. An interesting survey found that people who are engaged daily in semiconductor production work are in close proximity to a strong source of electromagnetic waves/radiation have a much greater statistical chance than others to conceive and bear daughters. This could indirectly attest that electrical output belongs to the Yin nature.

According to modern scientific research, laser light and sunlight have different wavelengths. Laser light has a single frequency and single color light, whereas sunlight is multi-wavelength (multi-color) mixed light. From a research standpoint, they belong to the category of optics in the classification of research fields. In fact, these two kinds of light are very different.

The origin of sunlight is obviously the Sun and the main composition of the Sun is hydrogen. A large amount of hydrogen conducts nuclear fusion reactions and finally generates brilliant sunlight. Nuclear fusion happens when two protons in hydrogen atoms merge and form a helium atom. The energy coming from protons, carry positive charges, which belongs to "Yang." It then follows, that sunlight belongs to the Yang category.

Laser light, on the other hand, is the excitation and emission of electric energy. Its essence is the light emitted by electrons, which still belongs to "Yin."

One day has 24 hours, and day and night alternate their time periods, which change with the four seasons. The cosmos ingeniously balances the Earth's day and night, and allows all living things on Earth to survive under the conditions created by the balance occurring between Yin and Yang.

Modern people have the habit of staying up late at night, using all kinds of illumination apparatuses and get up late after daybreak. Some people sleep during the day when they should strengthen their Yang energy, and become active at night when they should concern themselves with Yin energy. How can they be healthy? For a long time, Yin in the human body has exceeded Yang, which not only cause various physical illnesses but also makes people lethargic. Moreover, an indoor work environment prevents people's opportunity to obtain sunlight. Usually, many people do not have enough opportunities to expose themselves to natural light, which is also one of the important factors causing impaired health.

Currently, many scientists are seeking new energy sources to replace electric energy that has been utilized for a long time. They hope people might be able to utilize clean energy without creating pollution. Nuclear fusion reaction is one of many hopes scientists have. They are trying to harness the Sun's energy, manipulate and use it. It is probably not only technical problem to really makes such attempts practical, but the thinking along those lines could change.

Since current experimental methods scientists have used are still mainly focused on high-intensity electromagnetic fields and high-energy lasers, it is probably difficult to get a breakthrough in the trials for using electric Yin energy to control the energy source of nuclear fusion with the Yang properties.

It might not be as difficult as one assumes to take into consideration the balance of Yin and Yang in techniques used to create energy resources. One study found that the element calcium in a hen's body is not sufficient to supply the required amount for forming eggshells. There is also not sufficient calcium supplementation in daily food; so, how can hens lay eggs every day? This puzzles researchers.

If someone said that there actually exists a mechanism in a hen's body that can convert other elements into calcium, it may cause immense disputes within scientific circles since that would mean there is a nuclear fusion reactor in a hen's body. If first we temporarily ignore these differences of opinion and disputes, we will then be able to carefully study what on earth makes a hen have a sufficient supply of calcium in her body.

If we can do that, then we may probably find the answers for the origin of life.

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