Afterthoughts on Two Meteor Showers

Lu Xiong

PureInsight | October 20, 2003

[] During the Leonid meteor shower last year, 15,000 meteors streaked across the night sky. Many people went to observe this meteor shower and were fascinated by their magnificent beauty. A lot of people made wishes on the meteors, with the hope that the meteors would bring them good fortune. That night, I had a dream: Something was happening outside my home. I went to check out what was happening and found a gigantic city falling from the sky. I could not determine the identities of many of the people that fell from the heavenly city. They were too gloomy and dark to be gods and they lacked the types of traits of demons. I finally reckoned that they were those who survived the Fa-rectification, but had fallen from the high levels of the universe. They hoped to reincarnate as humans to get a chance to cultivate again.

There will be other meteor showers this year. One of them is expected to be the Gemini meteor shower. I wonder how many shooting stars will streak across the night sky for this meteor shower. I read a book in my dream, which recorded the history of the universe. When I came to the section that recorded my history in the universe, I learned that I reincarnated at the Gemini Constellation where the people used to be brave but over the long course of history they gradually turned evil. I had gone through a similar course of life in the human realm. Perhaps it was because I have not cultivated well in the human realm, that they have not been able to restore their true, good nature.

I wanted to share my dream with Dafa practitioners because I think that with the immensely important responsibilities we carry on our shoulders, we must be responsible for sentient beings and for ourselves. There are myriads of sentient beings in China who are being poisoned by the evil propaganda. If they aren't saved and are eliminated during the Fa-rectification of the human realm, their corresponding planets in the universe will also be subject to disintegration.

At this time in history, the human realm is the main stage of the Fa-rectification. As Teacher rectifies the Fa, the Dafa practitioners should be truly cultivating during the period of Fa-rectification because the outcome of our respective cultivation will determine the fate of our corresponding galaxies in the celestial bodies systems.

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