Truly Give Up Human Notions

PureInsight | November 24, 2003

[] Sometimes we try to avoid problems in our cultivation. We often try to take a detour rather than face a problem head on and solve it. In this way, we unknowingly expand our human attachments, and therefore believe tribulations and setbacks are "natural." This way, we respect and agree with the arrangement of the evil forces. In a word, we have been taken advantage of by them. We often understand and do Dafa work from the standpoint of human notions. When things become challenging, we tell ourselves that we should let things go. It is correct that we should let go of our attachments and being able to let certain things go is an indication of improvement in cultivation. However, sometimes when we say that we are letting things go, we are actually avoiding responsibility, which is a negative response and an indication of poor enlightenment quality in cultivation. In fact, during Fa-rectification, the mission of Dafa disciples is to rectify all that is not right.

We can't put aside problems. We must face and solve them. And we should do it well because it will serve as a reference for others in the future. If we did not solve the problem, it means that we did not truly remove human notions. It is like an illness: to completely cure it we must eradicate it. Otherwise we simply act in a roundabout way, do this, do that, but the problem never disappears. It is like using medication to treat illness; you might solve the surface problem, but you do not eradicate the root.

Master wrote in "Remaking Mankind," "Numerous social problems of various sorts are surfacing in the world and crises lurk everywhere. Yet humans do not know to find the causes within their own nature. After the degeneration of morality, humans are unable to see that the terrible human heart is the poisonous root of social problems, and so they always foolishly try to find the way out in social phenomena. As a result, human beings never realize that all the so-called 'ways out' that they create for themselves are precisely them sealing themselves off. As such, there are even fewer ways out, and the new problems that follow are even worse. Thus, with much difficulty humans again find a tiny space and take new measures, thereby closing this remaining bit of space once again. As this repeats itself over a period of time, there is no room left and they can no longer find a way out, nor can they see the truth beyond the enclosed space."

As for many issues, we should truly move beyond human notions, change our deviated nature and correct our heart. Master stated in Zhuan Falun, "Cultivation depends upon one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." Master's boundless power will harmonize us too.

Provided we Dafa disciples can study the Fa well, and do well, if we do not believe we have the ability to solve the problem and make our environment better, it actually means we have no faith in Dafa. It means we do not believe that Dafa can change everything.

It isn't that we have to force ourselves to behave in a certain way. We simply need to break through our rigid human mindset. If we change ourselves, understand the Fa more clearly, then the bad stuff will be eliminated, and brightness will manifest too. Otherwise Master and the other Buddhas, Daos and Gods can only simply worry but cannot help.

It is very simple; it is simply that we must change our way of thinking. When we strengthen our righteous thoughts and change our notions, the situation will improve.

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