Deity Stories: Cui Yan

Zhu Yixing

PureInsight | November 24, 2003

[] Cui Yan served in General Zuo's army. One day he fell sick. He couldn't see any light nor people or other things even when they were a few inches in from of him. His eyebrows and hair fell out and his nose collapsed into his face. Sores grew on his skin, and became big scabs. People believed that his sickness was incurable.

Cui Yan was a commander in the Luoziwu Valley at that time. He was in charge of many soldiers there. One day he saw a Taoist walking into the valley. The Taoist refused to tell Cui Yan his name, but he did give Cui Yan a special prescription to cure his ailment. He said, "get one or two liters of Chinese Honey Locust sticks and bake them to ashes. Steam rhubarb nine times, drying the rhubarb each time after steaming. Grind it into fine powder. Before eating it, pour the ashes of the Honey Locust sticks and rhubarb powder into the decoction of rhubarb. Eat the entire decoction."

After ten days, Cui Yan's beard and hair grew back again. His skin started to shine and he made a full recovery. His eyes were even better than before.

The Taoist walked away after giving Cui Yan the prescription. Nobody knew where he went.

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