Effective New Gene Therapy: Cultivation

PureInsight | May 27, 2002

These days, scientific medical research ascribes many human diseases to cellular genomic mutation. Many scientists and doctors are working to find specific methodologies to modify these disordered genes. However, this isn't a situation concerning only a few cells in the body, in fact, there are many, many cells. Therefore, correcting mutant genes in human bodies is not an easy thing. Because the normal and abnormal cells are from the same origin in the patients, it's very hard to distinguish between them. Although scientists try to use viruses, antibodies, or various other ways to recognize target proteins on mutant cells that are found only on the abnormal cells to replace the disordered genes with healthy ones, it is extremely hard to accomplish this and is fraught with many possible complications. So, gene therapy is a dream without practical application in the foreseeable future.

Amazingly, some scientists have recently changed their way of thinking about ways to modify cellular activity. After combining advanced technology with ancient cultivation methods, at least one group, led by Dr. Lili Feng in the Department of Medicine at Baylor University Medical School in Houston, Texas, has found very apparent differences between Falun Gong cultivators and non-cultivators in the gene expression in neutrophils. Neutrophils are white blood cells that play a preeminent roll in repelling microbial invaders.

These scientists used the gene-chip technology to compare the expression of 12,000 genes in neutrophils between cultivators and non-cultivators. They found differential expression in more than 300 genes, in which the differences were ten-fold or more. This is an uncommon phenomenon in cell biology research. For example, it's known that normal and cancer cells are very different, because the DNA or the genome will have been divided too many times in tumor cells.

In their study these researchers found that the numbers of neutrophils in their samples from Falun Gong practitioners are reduced. Furthermore, the lifespan of neutrophils from ordinary healthy people is only 2 or 3 hours, but it in Falun Gong practitioners, this can be as long as 60 hours. They also observed, from their morphology, that practitioners' neutrophils were more completely differentiated, unlike those from the general population whose neutrophils are usually eliminated before differentiation has finished, similar to someone who has accidentally died before the end of his lifespan. Those from the practitioners, however, live until the end of their determinate life. From these findings, we can surmise that the fewer neutrophils in the Falun Gong practitioners may serve to defend them from external infection more efficiently because their lives are longer. Since neutrophils aren't needed as much in Falun Gong practitioners, the number of activations or re-activations of the immunoglobulin-secreting mechanism may not be as many as in non-practitioners. Thus, Falun Gong practitioners won't have as high incidences of allergy, asthma, auto-immune disease, or other immune-mediated disorders.

Today's greenways are reduced because of rampant building of factories, roads to ease ever-increasing traffic congestion, and other general consequences of urbanization. This kind of change to human beings' living environments leads to constant stimulation of their immune systems by dust and easily promotes allergies. In fact, lots of children in hospitals are there due to allergies. But doctors have found that it's hard to cure allergies completely with any of the various available drug therapies.

One way to be freed from many diseases is to strengthen one's immune system so it can provide a real defense against invasion by bacteria. These forward-thinking scientists have found that Falun Dafa cultivation is a great way to strengthen our immune system. These days, it is very easy to find practice sites all over the world. So why not try practicing the Falun Gong exercises?

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