Reflection upon 2004 Inaugural Chinese New Year Global Gala Hosted by New Tang Dynasty TV

A Dafa Practitioner in Canada

PureInsight | February 16, 2004

[] Dafa practitioners are the main actors in the human realm and in the universe. A play consists of actors and actresses, music creators, visual effects, art director, and many other roles. The success of a play depends on everyone's contribution. All roles and responsibilities are equally important. What is truly important is our mutual respect and appreciation toward each other. Those are the foundation for tolerance and cooperation. Only through mutual respect and appreciation of each other's efforts can we launch a play that can touch the hearts of many, improve mankind's morality, and offer salvation to sentient beings.

During the Fa-rectification process, there are fierce battles between the good and the evil in every dimension. The battles between the good and the evil are particularly complex because Dafa practitioners cannot see the evil elements but they are able to see us. It's only when our hearts remain on the Fa at all times that we can see through all evil interferences.

Damaging the enemy's morale is one of the strategies frequently used in battles. One of the tactics for this strategy is to create conflicts among the enemy's soldiers so that they will break into pieces by themselves. Dafa practitioners are a righteous troop that safeguards Falun Dafa and offers salvation to sentient beings. It is of utmost importance that we mutually support and protect one other when we encounter each attack from the evil troop. If we have a suggestion to improve the play, we should speak our mind in a kind manner. We should not insist that our suggestion be adopted because Falun Dafa will harmonize and perfect everything. Every Dafa practitioner has some remaining attachments, so it is likely that the evil will exploit these attachments at any time. When the evil exploits one practitioner's attachment, all the surrounding fellow practitioners should remain unaffected. They should tolerate the practitioner, and eliminate the source of the exploitation with righteous thoughts. It may be easy to exploit one person's attachment, but it is much more difficult to do that to the entire entity. The mighty power of righteous thoughts manifests itself when the righteous field remains completely unaffected by the evil's interference.

We must expand our hearts in order to pass the test of tolerance and cooperation during the preparation of the gala. We must require ourselves to abandon our attachment to self at all times. The more knowledge and skills we have, the deeper our notions may be rooted in our minds and the more difficult the challenges may be. It is not that it is wrong to be equipped with excellent knowledge and skills, but that our attachments could arise from these. Then we are most likely to fall prey to the evil's exploitation, and become their tools to interfere with the Fa-rectification.

Every Dafa practitioner working to make this gala successful shares the same goal. Only when everyone eliminates the attachments to competitiveness and vanity can we truly attain the goal of presenting the gala with a pure mind. Each opportunity comes by only once. Each test challenges our enlightenment quality. This is a solemn and sacred cultivation opportunity that we must cherish with all our hearts.

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