A German Music Album: Falun Dafa's Path

PureInsight | April 12, 2004


CD Cover of "The peaceful way of Falun Dafa: A Record Album"

A few words regarding our musical venture:

We are several Falun Gong practitioners from Germany who are musicians by profession. This is our contribution so that more Europeans will hear about the peaceful and spiritual Falun Dafa practice. We wish deep in our heart that this CD, inclusive of the persecution information contained within, be spread wide and far. You may play a part by making copies for your friends and relatives. We hope to find open hearts and your willingness to listen, so more and more people will be against the inhumane persecution of Falun Gong in China, and become active in stopping the persecution.

The musicians

Please wait patiently for one minute for each track to load after you click on the link. If the music server in Europe occasionally becomes unavailable, please try again later.

1. Song: Ever More Finely, Ever More Clearly (Listen Online)
2. Song: The Story of Falun Dafa (Listen Online | Download) (Recommended)
3. Music: Dafa Spreads, Everything Renewed (Listen Online)
4. Song: A New Song for the World (Listen Online)
5. Music: Heavenly Wellspring and Clear Water in the Human World (Listen Online)
6. For Falun Dafa (Based on a True Incident) (Listen Online)
7. Pu Du (Listen Online)
8. Ji Shi (Listen Online)

Lyrics: The Story of Falun Dafa

Unbelievable things are happening in China,
Benevolence is being persecuted, I am stunned
An evil face showed up amid the persecution
Please let me tell you the story.
The evil denigrates people's kindness
Great compassion is trampled
Kind people, please wake up
It is the true story
The story of Falun Dafa
Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa

All the propaganda are just lies
The rumors of the Chinese ruler poisoned the people of the world
Now I tell you the truth,
I can no longer remain silent
Countless people are abused, persecuted and beaten, even tortured to death
The ruler uses violence to attack those peaceful meditating people
We need to expose the evil rationally and clearly
The story of Falun Dafa
Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa

In the past we did not pay attention to Nazis
The result was that so many people were buried alive
Now whoever beats up innocent Falun Gong practitioners is rewarded
How absurd this China is now!
Those people who practice Falun Dafa
They learn to face the persecution with great compassion
They only want to tell the truth of Dafa
They never did anything against the law
The story of Falun Dafa
Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa

Michael Hackmayer: Vocal
Guohua Chen: Flute
Jacek Wohlers: Piano

Songs 1 - 6 was recorded by the Norman Taylor Productions recording studio, Breuburg, between September and November 2002.

Songs 7 and 8 were produced by a Chinese practitioner before the persecution in China started.

For more information, please contact the musicians:

Contact: (Germany country code: 49)
Michael Hackmayer 07252 - 958887 (International city code: 721)
Jacek Wohlers 06221 - 23486

Translated from: http://de.clearharmony.net/articles/200212/5776.html

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