Scientific Evidence of Telepathy

Yu Mingwei

PureInsight | September 2, 2002

“Though my body is without the wings of the colorful phoenix, I need not fly there to be with you but will communicate with you mentally as if through the sacred unicorn” (from an untitled seven character regular verse by Li Shangyin, a renowned poet in the Tang Dynasty). This verse has remained one of the most frequently chanted poems for thousands of years. Do such psychic powers as the mental telepathy mentioned in the poem really exist? Or is it just superstition? On August 4, 2002, Iain Bruce of the Sunday Herald published a scientific discovery by a Scottish scientist, Paul Stevens, that unveils the first-ever scientific proof of humanity's ability to communicate by thought.

“Our research is not yet complete, but we may have found a significant pattern which we hope will demonstrate psychic ability and the underlying mechanisms responsible for it,” said Dr. Stevens, who conducted the experiments at Edinburgh University's world-renowned parapsychology unit.

The study looked at links between people with extremely well developed relationships, such as lovers, friends and relatives. Each couple was split up and the participants labeled as “senders” or “receivers” (of the messages). Those in the first group were shown a series of randomly selected video clips and told to “send” the information to the partner who sat in a sound-proofed room 25 meters away.

Sound signals called “white noise” lulled the “receiving” partners into an ultra-receptive state and they were asked to say what came into their heads while their body was measured for any changes. Many subjects were able to talk about the information being read by their partners.

There has been an age-old debate over the existence of psychic powers in the scientific community. Amongst all types of psychic power, telepathic ability has long been dismissed as superstitious by many traditional academics. But with Dr. Stevens' study showing many subjects capable of mental telepathy, these preconceptions may be about to change. Speaking at the 45th Convention of the Parapsychological Association, Dr. Stevens will present an international audience of researchers and academics with the results of his experiments.

In fact, the existence of supernormal abilities is an indisputable fact in the cultivation community. Because supernormal abilities transcend ordinary science, modern instruments cannot easily detect them. After scientists have exhausted all conceivable resources probing the truth of the human body and interstellar space, they often have to admit a fact: our scientific technologies are so limited that we are often perplexed by the unsolved mysteries of the human body. Scientific equipment and theories are not the biggest obstacles to resolving these mysteries. The limitations are the founding principles of science. Put precisely, we should not believe only in what we can see with our naked eyes, and we should not prematurely dismiss what has not been detected by modern science. In other words, we ought to have an open mind to study life and the universe from an alternative perspective. If we can take a fresh attitude toward science, we will make a giant leap forward in the understanding of the universe.


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