Inspiration from the Story of "A Little Bear Crossing the River"

A Dafa Practitioner in the Nor

PureInsight | May 3, 2004

[] At the Fa-study yesterday, a fellow practitioner told us a story. Once upon a time, there was a little bear in the forest. One day when the little bear was on his way home, he had to cross a river. In order to cross the river, he had to build a bridge. Since he had to build a bridge, he decided to build a good one. In order to build a good one, he needed a lot of lumber. In order to get the lumber, he had to cut down trees in the forest. He remembered that a friend of his had an axe, so he went to borrow it. Since it was improper to borrow an axe empty-handedly, he went to a store, bought a gift and had it nicely wrapped. By the time the little bear reached his friend's house with the beautiful gift, he had forgotten that he was trying to get home.

This story inspired me to reflect upon a lot of things. Sometimes I feel that I am so busy [with Dafa work] each day that I can't take on additional tasks. Of course we are supposed apply ourselves but "being busy with Dafa work" is not supposed to be our goal in of itself. When we know clearly why we are doing Dafa work, many complicated matters become simple. Thus, we can arrange our time and efforts where they are most needed and truly reach our goals. When we can genuinely do Dafa work in accordance to the principles of Dafa, we will be able to manage everything around us well.

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