Water Crystal Research Demonstrates the Effects of Benevolence

Yu Lin

PureInsight | May 10, 2004

[PureInsight.org] On April 17, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and author of the book The Message from Water, gave a talk on water crystals at Xiaolan Community College, in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Emoto showed a picture of the "prayer" water crystals, so named because they are shaped like a person's hands raised in prayer. Dr. Emoto asked the audience why people put their hands together to pray. Why is this gesture almost universal, and why has it been passed down for generations? No one offered an answer.

Dr. Emoto said, "I have come to understand why one cannot pray with one hand. I understand our ancestors now. Maybe when they received the merciful gifts from the Creator, they reached out with both hands to receive, to thank, and to pray.

The remarkable findings of the research on water crystals, described in Dr. Emoto's book, have drawn attention from all over the world, and his book has been translated into many languages. Dr. Emoto's research results have shown that people's kind and benevolent thoughts can purify water and produce beautiful crystals. His findings have given people hope in today's troubled times and polluted environment.

The formation of water crystals occurs below –25º C and requires approximately three hours. Dr. Emoto emphasized that the mental state—the purity and sincerity—of the person who performs the experiment can determine the results of the experiment. He showed the audience a beautiful crystal in the form of a dragon. He explained that Japanese people believe that the dragon is a god and that there is a dragon living in water. It is the god of water.

A reporter asked about the differences found in the crystal formations, those formed in simplified characters and those in traditional characters. Dr. Emoto said that the comparison of the test results has shown that the traditional Chinese characters carry very good messages. For example, the traditional character for "love" has a "heart" in it; the simplified one has a "friend" in it. If there is no heart in love, the original inner meaning of love has already been lost. Somebody asked why forty of the fifty students in the classroom appeared to have a cold while the other ten had no symptoms. Dr. Emoto replied that he thought the ten students all had good, kind, positive thoughts.

Dr. Emoto's research has demonstrated that water is alive and has feeling. The following words are on the cover of his book The Message from Water: "… Beautiful language and words create beautiful nature, while ugly ones lead to an ugly nature, and this is a universal law."

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2004/4/19/26763.html

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