Gratitude from My Heart

Xin Yuan

PureInsight | June 7, 2004

[] I once told my friends and relatives that for all the kindness in this world, including the kindness in the form of love and friendship from family members and friends, you will be able to find an opportunity to return that kindness given to you, it is just the matter of how much more or less you return. There is however one exception; a man has given me many precious things, but I shall never be able to repay him. Let's use an analogy. This man has given me a vast ocean, but I can't even pay him back with a drop of seawater. This person is my incomparably estimable Teacher, Li Hongzhi.

I saw a photo of Teacher for the first time in the spring of 1996. At that moment, I felt a strong connection and a predestined relationship with him. Just by looking at the photo, I felt the depth of Teacher's compassion. At that time, I could not understand some of the Fa that Teacher had taught, so I struggled a lot in my cultivation. But under Teacher's merciful care and guidance, I began to understand the Buddha Fa and the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. I saw more clearly the meaning of my life and the reason why Teacher came to this world. Words can't express my deep gratitude towards Teacher.

Thank you, Teacher, for purifying both my body and soul.

Thank you, Teacher, for teaching me the principles of being a good person and guiding me onto the path home.

Thank you, Teacher, for your kind and compassionate arrangements and protection, guiding me to the right direction when I am lost.
But, how can the words "thank you" fully express the true feeling deep in my heart!

Over the past few turbulent years, this feeling of gratitude has become even stronger, especially whenever I think of Teacher's enduring for us and his compassion and infinite grace.

So many times, I could not hold back my tears when looking at Teacher's picture, and his kind face. I had never realized so clearly the deeper meaning of the word "Teacher," and I had never experienced so clearly the happiness of being together with Teacher.

"Hurry up home." I am hearing Teacher's voice in my ears. Yes, I want to go home, returning to my truly wonderful home.

Because of Teacher, my life has become incomparably magnificent.

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