Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts and Eliminating the Dark Minions

A Falun Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | June 21, 2004

[] I started to read Falun Dafa books in 1995, but it was not until 1998 that I started to realize Falun Dafa's power and preciousness. Since then, I vowed to truly cultivate in Falun Dafa. Although I am not diligent in my practice, I value the book Zhuan Falun more than my life.

Towards the end of 2000, I started encountering various tribulations and during the process of overcoming these tribulations I became increasingly diligent in my cultivation practice. Along with the growth of my understandings of the Fa and my devotion to my cultivation practice, my physical and spiritual health improved tremendously.

From May of 2002, however, I started to suffer from a lot of strange types of physical discomfort and pain all over my body. Later on, I would often become nervous, uneasy or restless for no reason. I didn't know why this was happening. I thought perhaps I was eliminating my karma through physical discomfort, so I have struggled to endure the pain for two years, even though the physical discomfort and pain have affected my job, my studies and my life. I endured the pain for about two years. Sometimes I felt I was about to give in to the pain. Meanwhile, I started to doubt Falun Dafa and kind of slacked off in my cultivation.

Two weeks ago, I tried to access and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not blocked. I came across a lot of articles that I have wanted to read for a long time, including Teacher's articles and fellow practitioners' experience sharing articles. Thus I learned how to send righteous thoughts. The next evening, I started to send righteous thoughts according to Teacher's instructions. When I recited the formula of sending forth righteous thoughts, I entered a state of greatness and solemnity. The formula shook my body and all the dimensions I could feel at the time. Every word I recited shook my whole body. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease after sending righteous thoughts. I felt incredibly refreshed physically and mentally for several days [until my body and mind finally got used to the wonderful state.] I now understand that my long-term "illness" was in fact from disguised demonic interference.

Teacher told us:

The number of dark minions is large, while in this dimension their manifesting bodies are quite small. They range from being as big as a coin to as small as the tip of a pen; most of them are the size of a pen's tip.

(From "Eliminate the Dark Minions With Righteous Thoughts")

I finally realized that I might have been interfered by evil and dark minions from other dimensions because I have seen twinkling dots and objects the size of tadpoles flashing across the air in front of me many times. I thought it was a good thing and that it was natural to see things from other dimensions with my Celestial Eye during my cultivation practice. It turned out they were dark minions. I have decided to eliminate them and continue with my cultivation practice with dignity and without their interference. I shall eliminate these remaining sources of interferences from other dimensions.

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