Request from Elderly Chinese Woman: Please Tell More People about the Real Form of the Evil Communist Specter


PureInsight | August 29, 2005

[] One day an elderly Chinese woman suddenly called and asked me to pass an important piece of information to the world's people.

This elderly lady came from a family of generations of Buddhists. After having cultivated in the Buddha Fa for a long time, her Celestial Eye is now open. She is able to see the truth in other dimensions at a certain level. She usually keeps what she sees with her Celestial Eye a secret, but she is making an exception because this vision has an important impact on the world's people.

During a sitting meditation, she had a very clear vision of the Communist evil specter. It is about 1/5 of the size of a human body. It has coarse skin that resembles tree bark. It has a similar body shape to an alien, but it does not have any facial features. It clings to the back of every human body that it has influence over with its limbs and its head also leans against the human's back. It looks as though the man is carrying something on his back. If a Chinese Communist Party member reads "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" and publishes a statement at The Epoch Times to quit the CCP, a very powerful force will remove the Communist evil specter from his back. Because it clings strongly to a man's back as though its body has melted into his body, it takes a powerful force to pull he Communist evil specter off the human's back. Then the force throws the evil specter into a container that resembles an ancient Chinese three-legged heavy bronze caldron. Once in the caldron, the specter is immobilized. Next the evil specter's skin is removed layer by layer. The outer layers that are removed are similar the insides of a Chinese squash. Underneath layers of skin there is a soft white jelly-like body. At the end of the peeling process, the Communist evil specter is disintegrated and completely annihilated.

The elderly lady wishes to tell everyone that the Communist evil specter is a tangible living being and not a creation of superstitions. Those who quit the Communist Party will truly be saved. She added that The Epoch Times has done a wonderful deed, a deed that follows Heaven's mandate.

In addition, she saw that the sickle and the hammer became a sickle and a hatchet in other dimensions, both of which are murder weapons.

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After reading this article, we finally realized why so many Mainland Chinese people do not have any backbone and why so many Mainland Chinese people suffer from severe back pain since the Communist evil specter took over China. To reclaim your backbone and stand up tall like a real human being, it is imperative that you quit the evil Communist Party.

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