Weathering the Storm, Chapter 2 of Part Two

Zhong Fangqiong

PureInsight | September 27, 2004


Chapter 2. Dafa Gives Me a Second Life

a) Experiencing a Miracle

I had planned to visit the Shizishanzhuang Resort with my son's teacher Meng Yurong, her Taiwanese friend, and my aunt on March 8, 1999. That morning when I got up, I felt a lot of pressure on my face and I was running a fever. I felt very uncomfortable. I looked into the mirror and was startled. My whole face was swollen and red. What should I do? I rinsed my face with cold water, but it didn't help. It's almost 11 o'clock. My aunt was waiting for me to pick her up at home, and Ms. Meng had already gone to the Shizishanzhuang Resort. What should I do? I called my good friend's cell phone, "You told me to practice Falun Gong. Now my face has become swollen. People are waiting for me, but I can't go out." She said, "It's a good thing. Teacher is adjusting your body." I had no choice but to go out as I had planned. On our way, my aunt asked, "Did you apply blush today? You look so beautiful." She didn't know my face was hot and swollen. Hearing her question, I felt better. It showed I was the only person who could feel the symptoms from my face. Other people could just see that my face was a little red.

The next day I went to my office. A colleague with a surname of Li asked me, "People look radiant when something wonderful has happened to them. Ms. Zhong, you look fantastic today. What good news do you have to share?" I replied, "I started to practice Falun Gong." She said, "Wow, is Falun Gong really that good? I want to practice, too."

One week later, my face felt normal again. Miraculously, the large deep discoloration on my face disappeared. I had made many attempts for years to get rid of it by visiting beauty parlors, but all attempts were futile until I began to practice Falun Gong.

b) Celestial Maidens Flying in the Sky

I became a firm believer in Falun Gong, and had greater belief in every sentence Teacher says in the book. A mystery I had hidden in my heart for over a decade has now revealed itself to me. I was 24 at the time. One night I was driving a fully loaded Chinese-made truck from Chengdu City to Dujiangyan City with a coal buyer. When I arrived at Tuqiao area, it was around 4 o'clock in the morning. I saw groups of celestial maidens flying in the sky. It was so magnificent! I was curious and thought, "You are always flying ahead of me. What if I drive a little faster to see who is faster?" But our distance remained the same. I then thought, "What if I slow down a little?" I released the gas pedal a little, but our distance was still the same. I woke the coal buyer sitting next to me, "Mr. Li, look! Celestial maidens are flying in the sky!" He opened his sleepy eyes, "Where?" I said, "Look, there are so many of them in the sky. Can't you see them?" What a pity, he opened his eyes wide-open but couldn't see the beautiful celestial maidens. I now know they [the celestial maidens] truly exist. It's just that ordinary people cannot see them.

c) The Whole Family Benefited

After experiencing the miracle and wonderfulness of Falun Gong, I wanted my mother and my son to learn this wonderful practice as well. My son was willing to learn the minute I told him. It took a while to persuade my mother to practice. I said, "Mom, let's practice Falun Gong together. It is better than my giving you a hundred million yuan. It is so wonderful to be disease-free! Look, I have only practiced for a week, the birthmark on my face that I had spent over ten thousand yuan trying to remove but in vain is now completely gone. You can see it with your own eyes." Mother replied, "I know Falun Gong is good. But you guys get up early and stay up late to practice it. And you stand for half an hour to hold the wheel, isn't it a torture? It's time for me to enjoy life." On a Sunday evening, after dinner my son said to my mother, "Grandma, let's go to do the exercises." My mother said, "I won't go. You go." My son held grandmother's hand and begged, "Grandma, let's go. If you feel good, you practice. If not, you don't practice. It doesn't cost a penny anyway." My mother was left with no choice but to go to the practice site with us.

At the practice site, fellow practitioners were very friendly to my mother, and taught her the movements with great patience. As my mother was illiterate, she could only listen when we read Falun Gong books. After the group study of Teacher's book, at 9 p.m., I drove my son to his teacher's home. Mother went home alone. She washed her feet and was ready to go to bed. Suddenly it seemed that her cerebrovascular disease had recurred, and she felt everything was moving in front of her. She couldn't even pour the water, and had to lie in bed and wait for me to get back home and find medicine for her. After hearing her description, I said, "It's a good thing. You have predestined relationship with Dafa. Teacher has begun to take care of you, and He is adjusting your body." I read Zhuan Falun to her. She fell asleep while listening. She woke up in the middle of the night and found she had recovered completely. She was perplexed, "It's so strange - I had such a serious attack last night. I thought I would have to take medicine and injections for two weeks like before. How could I make a complete recovery overnight this time only after listening to my daughter reading a book for a while? I have never seen Teacher Li, and he has never checked my pulse. How was the disease cured this time? Falun Gong is really miraculous. If I hadn't experienced it myself, I wouldn't believe it no matter what others tell me."

Ever since then, my mother began to practice Falun Gong earnestly. She felt practicing the exercises was more important than making money as many diseases can't be cured with money. Every morning she got up at 5 AM and walked to the practice site. After practicing for a month, all her diseases disappeared. More surprisingly, she could walk normally using her left leg that had been lame for the past 50 years! Seeing her change, everybody around us knew Falun Gong was great. So her two daughters, their husbands, and her daughter-in-law's parents who live in the countryside all started to practice, although after July 20, 1999 some of them stopped practicing out of fear. A more inconceivable thing happened. One day after mother had been practicing for two months; she suddenly had a stomachache and vomited (just like what described in Zhuan Falun.) What she vomited was all black. For the next several days, she didn't want to eat anything and just kept vomiting. She even vomited two worms out one day. On the 5th day, she thought, "Teacher, people would feel disgusted seeing me vomiting. It'd better to have diarrhea. With that thought, she started to have diarrhea in the afternoon. What came out was still black. This went on for two more days. My mother didn't have any food for seven days and seven nights, but she didn't feel hungry at all. It's just her lips became dry, and she'd dampen her lips with water. On the 8th day, the diarrhea stopped. She wanted to have a little rice soup, and started to have some congee. On the same day, I drove her to the practice site. She not only finished the standing exercises, but also the sitting meditation and didn't feel a bit of pain. Through doing the exercises and studying the Fa for a week, her health was completely restored. She had a good complexion after that. Her external and internal rheumatism, sciatica, gall-stones, serious appendicitis, and cerebrovascular disease were all gone.

My son also had great change after practicing Falun Gong. He was a "skinny monkey" when he was younger, but became "chubby kid" after he started to practice Falun Gong. He was dishonest when he was younger. I remember he had once scored 65 out of 100 for his Chinese Exam in Grade 1. For fear that I'd scold him, he changed his teacher's markings and changed the score to 100. After he began to practice Falun Gong, he stopped telling lies. Everybody said he has become honest and well behaved. In the latest test, his score ranked No. 1 in his class (he is now in 7th Grade). He also knows that all this is due to the power of Dafa, because Teacher requires him to follow "Truthfulness- Compassion -Forbearance."

d) The Incurable Blood Vessel Tumor Disappeared

Two months later, my good friend said to me, "Zhong, you have a very good predestined relationship with Dafa. The aneurism of the cranial artery in your right leg may have been cured too." Her words reminded me: During the previous two months, my son was in boarding school. Besides working, everyday I got up early and stayed up late to study the Fa, listen to Teacher's lecture tapes and do the exercises. I had been so busy that I've forgotten about my leg problem. Thinking back, I've been sitting for long hours till late night to read the books, and I drove for my business as usual. Why hadn't I felt any pain in the area where I had surgery? Why were there no symptoms of my cerebrovascular disease? Is it because the diseases are all cured? Yes, it's because of doing the exercises, because of practicing Falun Gong! It's Teacher who cured my diseases!!!

My tears kept running down my face. I was too excited to speak. It is Falun Gong that saved my life! It is Falun Dafa that gave me a second life and good health for the first time in my life! It is Falun Dafa that made my heart feel as pure and clear as jade! It was then I started to have a light and disease-free body!

d) Heart as Clear and Pure as Jade

Having no disease, having no mental burdens, I acquired a happy mood, my complexion turned brighter and my manners became gracious. My mother said to me smilingly, "I wish you had started to practice Falun Gong earlier! If you had started to practice earlier, your wouldn't have had so many hurtful words to say." My son said, "Mom's temper has improved so much." My friends joked, "We felt you were very overbearing in the past. Now you've changed. We think you are pretty nice, and are not bossy any more." I said, "It's Falun Gong that changed me."

Falun Gong is so wonderful, so miraculous! I told myself that I must persist in cultivating myself and I must tell its beauty and miraculous power to all my relatives and friends and ask them all to practice Falun Gong!

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