"Beyond the Storm" and Other Poetic Words of Encouragement

A Practitioner from Australia

PureInsight | October 11, 2004


Beyond the Storm

A new dawn shining,
all worlds dividing
from ways of old to
hearts transformed.

Countless sails following,
horizons awakening
beyond winter skies
and this endless storm.

(Dedicated to all Falun Dafa practitioners who continue to live under such brutal persecution in China)


Tides to torrents
between ebb and flow
moments emerging in light.
From fathomless depths
to shores beyond,
here, eternity in flight.

Hearts raised high
worlds ever wider
one cast of countless sails.
Above tempest and trial
toward untold horizons
rectification soon to prevail.

Fathom and Flame

Our journeys tempered under
fathom and flame, from awkward
to a wakeful song. One promise
to proceed, emerge from the mire
and more, processions, new
worlds of wonder to behold.

From lethargic until luminous and
all between, with winters aside
the passage of spring prevails.
Such is our journey, tempered
under fathom and flame, hearts
now poised to perfection, towering
to the untold.

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