Treating the Mind and the Body in a Holistic Way Benefits Cancer Patients (1)

Zhou Zheng

PureInsight | November 8, 2004

[] [Editor's Note: A number of recent medical studies have shown a close link between a healthy mind and a healthy body. The mainstream medical community has begun to pay close attention to this domain. Articles on this topic were published in Times magazine in January and July of 2003, and also in Newsweek magazine in November of 2003 and September of 2004. The series aimed to summarize recent discoveries and explore the path toward ultimate health. ]

Health is a big topic. There are a large number of illnesses. The number of prescription drugs that have been developed to combat the illnesses is extremely high. There are also many folk remedies and folk prescriptions. The National Institutes of Health has a budget of more than $27 billion in 2004. A number of big pharmaceutical companies invest several billion dollars each to develop new medicines every year.

Meanwhile, an arena that most people had ignored in the past is quietly gaining more and more recognition. That is the relationship between a healthy mind and a healthy body. The mainstream medical community has begun to recognize how important the link is.

The Newsweek article published on September 27, 2004 emphasized that Qigong is good for a variety of cancer patients; it can reduce pain and anxiety, and help patients live a higher quality life. The report shows that thousands of cancer patients practice Tai Chi and Qigong and other alternative practices to help them deal with their illness. According to the report, 80% of cancer patients use therapies such as Qigong, meditation, and other methods as a part of their treatments. Scientists have found that Qigong and meditation help patients to enjoy good nights of sleep. They also can reduce side effects of traditional cancer treatments, including pain, anxiety and tension. Medical experts have gradually become supportive of holistic treatments. In fact, 14 of 26 major cancer centers in the U.S. currently provide those treatments. Lorenzo Cohen of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas predicts such treatments will become part of traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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