Two Dreams: Saving Sentient Beings Better

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PureInsight | November 8, 2004

[] In the hours before waking up on morning of the 8th of October, I had two dreams I'd like to share with my fellow practitioners.

The First Dream: Extraordinary Performances of Dafa Disciples among Ordinary People

The Dream took place in a theater of performing arts where Dafa disciples were to perform for an audience of ordinary people. While I was standing back stage I could not help but notice how orderly the Dafa disciples were in preparing for their performances. They were also surrounded with harmony. One after another the performances began. The creativity, wondrous theme, and skill of the Dafa disciples showcased to the audience of common people a level of quality, extraordinariness, righteousness, and freshness that the audience had never seen before. It was as if the heavens had momentarily come down amongst the world of men. The performances of the Dafa disciples moved the audience of ordinary peoples in a way they had never felt.

The Second Dream: Kind People have Understood the Truth

A group of Dafa disciples went to use a newly assembled computer lab that was ran by ordinary people. The bright computer lab was kept very clean and neat. The newly installed computers were lined up row after row. Because of the lack of computer knowledge of many of the disciples, everyone started to mimic others by using different functions, opening up different windows, and pressing different keys. In a few days' time, the owner of the computer lab was very upset and expressed his feelings by saying that the preset computers were all messed up due to the use of the disciples. They would need many man hours to fix them and bring them back to their original operating conditions.

Afterwards, when disciples went to the computer lab to use the computers, they discovered that whenever they were not clear on the operational procedures of the computers, an automatic widow would then popup on the screen to help the disciples. Our fellow disciples could then follow the clear instructions and understand how to operate the computers with ease. Afterwards when disciples ran into the owner of the room, he said that he knew that our disciples were all very good people, so he thought of ways to help. Although he couldn't be there to help everyone, he was able to write a program that could help us whenever we needed it.

In our clarifying the truth to the common people on a large scale, I came to understand that this dream serves to remind us that we (Dafa disciples) need to consider our image and our every action in the society. We should not easily break the rules of the common society, which then leads people to not understand Dafa, and can even put the predestined people on the opposite side. Respectively, if we could let the common person feel the greatness and the kindness of Dafa from our actions, if we can recognize our errors when we make mistakes, and make the necessary improvements, then the kind people who know the truth will also show their kindness and the responses that they should display towards Dafa and the Dafa disciples.

This is so that, as a whole, we can do an even better job of saving sentient beings in this important process.

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