Paintings by Falun Gong Practitioners: "The Red Wall"

Zhang Kunlun

PureInsight | January 24, 2005

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Zhang Kunlun, "Red Wall", Oil Painting, 36 inches X 48 inches (2004)

[] China's historical records date back five thousand years. China has the longest continuously-run civilization in the world and its culture holds the envy of the world. Yet, China's traditional culture has been on a downslide since the early 1900s and has been completely destroyed. After Jiang assumed power, the destruction has taken on unprecedented heights. Under Jiang's dictatorship, ancient Chinese culture and human rights has become a taboo subject and human dignity is disregarded. Jiang lives only for political power and personal wealth.

Jiang banned Falun Gong, which advocates the time-honored Chinese tradition that teaches people to be righteous and kindhearted. It had gained popularity because of its physical and mental health benefits. Cultivators of Falun Gong were found to be free of illness, even incurable illnesses, within a very short time of beginning this practice. They found well-being and life without medical and mental problems.

Delinquent, incorrigible and maladjusted youth turned to goodness after practicing Falun Gong. They were able to find the true meaning of life. It was found that this practice did not require advertising or propaganda to spread among the populace. It was spread by word of mouth, from person to person in China. Within only a few years, more than a hundred million people practiced it. Therefore, given ordinary people's concepts and notions, a nation's leaders should be thrilled about such prospects. The nation has achieved a highly moral culture. Isn't that great? Yet, because of jealousy, Jiang began to suppress and ban Falun Gong!

Jiang assumed power because of the "June 4" Tiananmen massacre. His political power is based on the suppression of others. His "achievements" are stained with red blood. The "Red Wall" is the symbol of Jiang's dictatorship. If truth were told, the red color is considered favorably in the minds of Chinese people.

In this painting, the red color is gruesome and terrifying. The wall looks very oppressive. But there are many cracks in the foundation and at the top, and it is about to crumble. It depicts a dictatorship that cannot be sustained. During Jiang's reign, Dafa practitioners suffered enormous hardships. But, their spirit has risen above and beyond, because they are selfless, and live by the universal truth. They are performing a great and compassionate deed and the outcome will be glorious!

Look at the Falun Gong practitioner who suffers because of the persecution, his primordial spirit has risen above and beyond. He is I! I was arrested four times in China, beaten up, and shocked with electric batons. My house was ransacked. I was detained in prison and unlawfully sentenced to forced labor. Then, after being released, there was nowhere in China where I could speak the truth. China is virtually a gigantic prison! My every move and action was watched and I could be arrested any time without cause. In the public opinion of the world, there was no reason why the Chinese government could not release me. Even after I was released, I was still not given my freedom. This painting reflects my feelings and plight at that moment in time.

Being shocked with an electric baton is a terrible experience, and a very painful one. I was shocked with two electric batons at the same time. Then, I was sentenced to forced labor. An incident that sticks in my mind forever happened the day I was sent to that forced labor camp. The police discovered a Falun Gong practitioner performing the exercises. That practitioner was beaten close to death's door. Twenty-eight practitioners could not accept this cruelty and told the police to stop violating human rights. The police ignored them. The twenty-eight practitioners went on a hunger strike to impress upon the police that they were in the wrong. The police responded in a violent manner, without restraint. They dragged practitioners outside and beat them severely. Many of them were seriously injured.

After my arrival at the forced labor camp, I was taking a bath. I noticed many practitioners with extensive injuries and coagulated blood all over their bodies. Don't they know that such tortures will not change people's deeply held belief in the truth? Subsequently, I was transferred to another forced labor camp.

At that camp, the staff members were very deceitful in trapping and misleading prisoners. Special agents were planted who spread lies to confuse the minds of practitioners. The intent was to bamboozle them. Because the practitioners had been confined for a long time they had lost touch with other practitioners. Therefore, the authorities had special agents pretend to be Falun Gong practitioners. They spread rumors and fabricated information to confuse the practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners were brainwashed and deceived under such conditions.

At that location, a practitioner told me that when he went to appeal for the first time, police beat him to near blindness. When the police thought that they had killed him, they took him to Shijiazhuang, a distant place, where they dropped him. He recovered there. He decided that he must tell the truth and appeal to the government. He thought he had to make the government understand about the wrongness they perpetrated. So he returned to Beijing and was arrested again. This time, the police put sand on the bottom of their shoes and rubbed them against his buttocks until no more skin was left on his buttocks. The pain was beyond words. When telling me his experience, his body was shaking and tears flowed from his eyes.

An elderly man, a former teacher, was held at the same forced labor camp. Because he refused to renounce the practice, he was confined in a steel cage. His arms were tied in a position identical to that shown in the painting. He was unable to move. Then the police ordered a depraved prisoner to hold a poisonous snake to his neck. The snake bit him. The fang broke and remained stuck in his neck. The elderly man dug the fang out. He was a practitioner and was immune to the poison. That was extraordinary. If he were an ordinary person, without a doubt he would have died. I remember many similar incidences. My friend and a student's parent witnessed this incident. Jiang disregarded such occurrences, ignoring the benefits to the Chinese people. What is depicted in this painting is the terror created by the dictator Jiang's suppression.

Jiang gave the directive on how to deal with Falun Gong practitioners, "bankrupt them economically, ruin their reputations, and physically exterminate them." I believe that you can see in your mind how Jiang utilized the national machinery, including the educational and legal system, military, special agencies, and all levels of government, from the top to the bottom to perpetrate the persecution. Any student who practices Falun Gong or supports Falun Gong is deprived of an education. The government-owned media, television, and radio broadcasting, foreign affairs departments, and many others serve a role in the persecution. Jiang used more than one-quarter of the national budget to suppress Falun Gong. This tells you of the extreme magnitude of the suppression. The persecution methods combine the persecution methods used in the past and present worldwide. There are alone more than hundred torture methods. You can imagine how ruthless, cruel and savage that is!

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