Paintings by Falun Gong Practitioners: "Fulfilling Vows"

PureInsight | February 14, 2005

Oil on canvas: "Fulfilling Vows" by Xiaoping Chen, Xiqiang Dong, & Tingyin Shi (79in X 47in), 2003

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[] The heavenly beings of different divine races and cultures in this painting are on their way to descend to the human realm in order to fulfill their vows to assist the Lord Buddha with the Fa-rectification. A giant Falun is rotating above the heavenly beings. Their faces are registered with solemnity and peacefulness for they know they are going to fulfill their grand pledges to assist the Lord Buddha with the unprecedented Fa-rectification.

[1] Fa: Law and principles in the Buddha School
[2] Falun: Buddha Law Wheel

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