Paintings by Falun Gong Practitioners: "Justice"

PureInsight | February 14, 2005

Oil on canvas: "Justice" by Weixing Wang (52in X 68.5in), 2003

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[] Heavenly beings look on as Jiang Zemin, the personification of evil, is extinguished. He has been condemned to hell for launching the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners on July 20, 1999. As of February 7, 2005, at least 1,353 Falun Gong practitioners are known to have been tortured to death in China. However, according to the Chinese Communist government's official internal statistics, the actual number of practitioners who died after being arrested had already reached 1,600 by the end of 2001. Tens of thousands of practitioners have been illegally incarcerated in prisons and forced labor camps where they are subjected to slave labor, rape, torture, and death. Many are locked in psychiatric hospitals where they are injected with drugs that are damaging to the central nervous system, China's typical punishment for its dissidents. More are subject to constant harassment, torture at local forced brainwashing classes, financial extortion by so-called "law-enforcement officials" in China, etc.

In attempts to uphold justice and stop additional crimes against Falun Gong practitioners, Falun Gong practitioners outside of China have filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin and his henchmen in the United States, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Spain, South Korea, Australia, Greece, Taiwan, Bolivia and many other countries worldwide for his genocide of Falun Gong practitioners, tortures, and crimes against humanity.

The work reflects an understanding that evil actions will result in retribution on a higher plane.

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