Chinese Brush Painting: "A Music Ensemble in Harmony"

Zhang Cuiying

PureInsight | March 21, 2005

Chinese brush painting: "A Music Ensemble in Harmony" by Zhang Cuiying

[] Good music is highly revered in ancient China. Why? It is because good music can harmonize one's surroundings and mold one's temperament.

In the painting, there is a garden surrounded by bamboo trees, rocks and marble handrail. In the garden, three beautiful ladies are playing classical Chinese music. The lady on the left is playing a Chinese flute. The lady with her back facing the audience is playing a Chinese pipe, and the lady on the right is playing a Chinese harp (guzheng). The beautiful scenery, lovely weather, beautiful gentlewomen, and the music together give us a harmonious and pleasant feeling. The portrait of the music ensemble means musical instruments playing together, but it also implies a harmonious relationship among the three gentlewomen and a harmonious relationship between them and the natural environment.

The artist, Zhang Cuiying presented this painting "An Music Ensemble in Harmony" to the President of the Ukraine as a gift, wishing the Ukrainian people a happy and harmonious life, wishing them no wars and that peace will always be with them.

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