My View of Some Historical Arrangements (Part 2)

PureInsight | February 21, 2005

6. Sailing around the World, the Theory of Evolution and the Industrial Revolution

[] From the beginning of the fifteenth century, Vasco da Gama (1469-1524), Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) and Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) began to circumnavigate the globe, which paved the way for Charles Darwin to expound his "Theory of Evolution" followed by the invasion of China by the Western powers.

During the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution transformed the western world. Western science and technology developed rapidly, and the progress that the western world made in just a few decades surpassed what it had made during the previous century or several centuries.

Prior to that, the Chinese people had been very proud of the Chinese culture. China had been invaded and vanquished by foreign races before. But no matter who the final victors were, they were in the end always assimilated into the Chinese culture. When the western military force invaded China, it maintained its own ideologies and culture, including the belief in Christianity. For the first time, the Chinese people were not only subjugated by military might but also felt that their culture was inferior to that of the west. That made it easy for the evil Marxist-Leninist Communist ideology to invade China.

7. The Appearance of Marxist-Lenin Ideology, Czarist Russia Being Chosen and the "New Culture Movement"

The Marxist doctrine is a heresy. It had a hard time battling with the Christian church. The Marxist doctrine needed strong support in order to gain a foothold in the west. At that time, the old forces chose Czarist Russia to be the place where the Marxist doctrine could establish a powerful base.

From my personal point of view, there were two reasons why Czarist Russia was chosen. One was that it contains a vast amount of land with very adverse weather conditions over a vast area. Therefore, no countries could conquer it. The brilliant military strategist Napoleon couldn't conquer Russia. It was also the reason why Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) could not vanquish the Soviet Union in the Second World War. Its unique geographical conditions guaranteed the existence of the evil Marxist-Leninist ideology after the October Revolution when the Communist Party gained power. The second reason why Russia was chosen was that it is right next to China and it was a simple matter to export the Marxist ideology from there to China.

The old forces took advantage of the humiliation felt by Chinese people over the string of defeats that China had suffered during the Opium War and the First World War. It made the Chinese people blame the decline of the Chinese culture as the reason why China was struggling. The Chinese "May fourth Movement," which was also referred to as the "New Culture Movement," encouraged the Chinese people to abandon ancient Chinese traditions and embrace the evil Marxist-Leninist doctrine.

The traditional Chinese culture was a product of several thousands of years, and it wasn't easy to discard it in one day. At that key moment, the Communists in the Soviet Union used their money and weapons to spread the evil Marxist-Leninist doctrines to China. A detailed description of the course of events can be found in "Part Two of the Nine Commentaries: The Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party" by The Epoch Times staff, and it will not be expounded further here.

8. Selecting the United States of America

The appearance of the United States of America is also one of the arrangements of the old forces. During the Second World War, Adolf Hitler swept across Europe and Japan won victory after victory in the Far East. If there were no United States of America, the Soviet Union would have faced Hitler from the West and Japan from the East, and it might not have survived the assault from both sides. The United States of America was crucial in the final victory against the fascists. At the same time, the Second World War also made the European nations cooperate with the Soviet Union out of necessity. It also enabled the Soviet Union to occupy much of Eastern Europe and establish Communist states in many countries there.

9. The Spreading of Dafa

When it was time for Dafa to be spread, the old forces also made careful arrangements. In the 1980s, qigong became very popular in China. In the 1990s, almost every single Chinese person was interested in ways to improve one's health. At the same time, the evil Jiang was chosen to be the ruler of China after the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre. Its ascension paved the road for the eventual attempted suppression of Falun Gong.

10. Foreign Investment

The reform and open-door policy inside of China paved the way for Dafa to be spread around the world. At the same time, the old forces also made foreign powers invest a lot of money in China, which has sustained the Chinese economy and made it possible for the Chinese regime to continue the persecution against Falun Gong.


Venerable Master said, "I will tell you, as the great enlightened beings have pre-arranged today's event, all the things in evolutionary process of cosmos will open roads for this event. This utmost and great event has been pre-arranged since the start of cosmos's formation" (Falun Dafa Explication)

Everything was the result of historical arrangements made a long time ago. We are even less significant than specks of dust in the grand scheme of history. Yet we have the privilege of taking part in the Fa-rectification process. How fortunate and honored we are! Like Master Li said in his 2004 New Year greetings to practitioners, "Glory and suffering through the ages, all for the fulfillment today of the great vow."

The above are my personal understandings. Please kindly point it out to me if it contains anything inappropriate.

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