A Good Prescription to Get Rid of Plagues

Shi Ming

PureInsight | March 28, 2005

[PureInsight.org] The head of the Russian Virology Institute, Academician Dmitry Lvov made the following prediction in October 2004, "Up to one billion people could die around the whole world in six months." The academician said the pandemic was most likely to be caused by a mutation of the so-called bird flu stem. Dr. Lvov said, "The death rate among those who contract this type of flu reaches 70 percent." When reviewing the 1919 flu in Spain and the 1970 flu in Asia, both of which killed so many people, we cannot dismiss Dr. Lvov's comments lightly. Today's world is one global village; no one can escape this if it happens.

China's official reports state that more than a million people in China have been infected with HIV in 31 provinces and autonomous regions. However, experts estimate that the real number could be much higher. If no effective measures are taken, by 2010 the number infected will have reached 10 million.

Have you noticed that disasters have occurred more often lately? The South Asia Tsunami killed 300,000 people all at once. Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are in the shadow of a bird flu—42 people have died. Meningitis has spread to 24 provinces in China. (The root cause of the epidemic could be the bird flu—the CCP always covers up the truth of any epidemics that has taken place in China). What's more, 61 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo just died of plague.

How can we prevent bad things from happening to us? Have you heard of the water crystal report from the book Messages From Water? Since 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto from the IHM institute of Japan and his colleagues started to use high-speed photography technology to observe water crystals. He demonstrated that good messages such as compassion, gratitude, and holiness can promote the formation of beautiful water crystal structures. However, negative messages such as resentment, pain and nervousness resulted in disintegrated structures. Characters, sounds and the mind all carry energy. Dr. Emoto's research suggested that people's good will and compassion could make the water clean and pure, and create beautiful water crystals. Dr. Emoto's research also brought hope to the solution of water pollution. The research showed that if you treat something with compassion, the feedback will be good. So as long as we all have a good heart and hold onto high moral standards, all disasters will disappear.

In addition, scientists also found that meditation can benefit people's health. They found that when people do meditation with no bad thoughts in mind, both spirit and body can achieve a very balanced condition. As a consequence, illness can be cured and health will be preserved. In recent years, the spread of Falun Gong and its beneficial effect on the health of both mind and body, have drawn more and more attention from the public.

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