Destiny Decided from the Unseen World

A Falun Dafa Disciple from Mai

PureInsight | March 14, 2005

[] My paternal Grandma used to have a youngest son whom she loved dearly. He was very clever and cute but died very young, at age 3. Grandma was stricken with sorrow and soon got divorced from her husband. She sought help from a local fortuneteller, who was said to have a proven track record of accuracy. He was accurate in telling how many children Grandma had and that she had already lost one of them. Grandma then asked about the reason for the death of her dearest child. The fortune-teller said that the child was very much blessed and carried with him an impressive fortune; however, the destiny of Grandma's family was too weak to hold him and he had to leave the family sooner or later. When he was sent down for reincarnation, he was very unwilling to come to Grandma's family but the being in charge of reincarnation grabbed his ear and forced him to come down.

Grandma was amazed by what she heard. Grandma's youngest son was born with one big ear and one small ear. The small ear was normal but the bigger one was twice the size of the small ear. Grandma had never mentioned that to the fortune-teller.

When my maternal Grandma was born, her father was dreaming of a red goose while asleep. Someone shot the goose on her left wing and the goose fell. He dashed to catch the goose into his chest. When he woke up from his dream, my grandma was born. That is why Grandma's name contains the character "goose." At age 5 or 6, my maternal Grandma ran into a British missionary priest, who asked my great-grandma (Grandma's mother) to let him take and raise Grandma. Although my great-grandma had not taken good care of this daughter, she asked for a big sum of money, too big for the priest to afford, and he reluctantly left. Before leaving, he sighed, "This child is to have a big tribulation in future. If only she could come with me the tribulation would be dissolved."

Ten years later, Grandma had her left arm entangled into a machine while working in a Japanese-owned textile mill. She was hence disabled for the rest of her life, exactly as indicated in her father's dream.

Many people of these modern times no longer believe in reincarnation and good or bad returns to a life according to his/her good or bad deeds. Yet, in the unseen world everything is decided according to conduct during a life. Many ancient legends and myths are in fact true. The two stories I just told truly took place in my family. People have heard or been exposed to true stories that modern science can not explain, yet they are precented from taking these facts further for research and discovery. The universe is boundlessly immense and mysterious. What human beings have come to accept is very limited and shallow. It is hoped that those who do not believe in Gods and Buddha can free themselves from their obstinate notions and open up space for them to think and explore further.

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