The Funeral of the Century Portends the Advent of the Annihilation of the Chinese Communist Party

Wang Yifeng

PureInsight | May 16, 2005

The curtain for the most solemn of funeral rites at the Vatican has just closed. It impacted the whole globe. Witness to that event were four kings, five queens, one hundred and fifty heads of state and envoys and more than two hundred leaders of organizations who had come to offer condolences at this gathering. Several million people went to Rome to mourn. Two billion people world wide watched the ceremony through direct telecasts. It brought together all representatives and common people of the whole human race. Only one country was the exception: the one that should represent the 1.3 billion Chinese people and its government was absent. Was this accidental?

Some people say that when Pope John Paul II the closed his eyes for the final time, did the 20th century truly end because during the last twenty years of the twentieth century, the pontiff held the cross high and changed the world. He led the charge that ended the rule by the evil and vicious Communists of Eastern Europe.

If we consider the calamities of the twentieth century to be harbingers, then twentieth century history has not ended. It is because the calamities generated by the Chinese Communist Party have far exceeded the total of all other calamities. The Communist Party massacred eighty million Chinese people. They have created this unprecedented crisis in the existence of the human race. To be able to bring the end of the twentieth century to a climax, the heavens must annihilate the Chinese Communist Party!

The Pope set a great example for the human race in using the power of morals and faith to disintegrate the evil Communist empire. Through him was manifest the mercy of gods to achieve victory without firing a shot in the transition [that lead] to the elimination of Communist autocracy. The Communist Party, however, in those twenty years, while occupying 9.6 million square kilometers of territory and holding 1.3 billion people hostage, they turned a blind eye to the time and opportunity given by the gods and instead intensified the bloody suppression of the people's pursuit of faith, evoking the wrath of heaven and the anger of both the gods and humans.

The Pope's funeral is the gods' signal of the beginning of the process of the annihilation of the Chinese Communist Party. It symbolized the world's elimination of the Chinese Communist Party. Superficially, it indicated the reason why Communist China did not participate in the funeral ceremony. In fact, it showed the real meaning: the evil spirit of the Chinese Communist Party is irreconcilable with all the upright forces on earth!

A few years ago, a sage said that both negative and positive forces oppose the Communists, being a force that is against the laws of the universe. All life forms in the universe want to eliminate them. At the moment, a pattern of elimination is taking shape. The "Nine Commentaries" has completely halted the evil spirit of the Chinese Communist Party, which is holding a decaying corpse.

Such a visible pattern, by way of the funeral of the century, demonstrated to the human race that from today forward, there will absolutely be no place for the Chinese Communist Party. The whole world will enter the ring in the battle with Communist China. It is a general trend. Gods have already fixed the direction human hearts will take. The only reason humans do not yet recognize this clearly and see the underlying reasons for this grand event is their confused state of mind.

Viewed with a mirror held against the face of mighty history, the evil spirit of the Chinese Communist Party foolishly put up a desperate struggle in their promoting a "maintain the advancement of the Party" campaign, hoping to recall the spirit of the dead and bringing disaster for the people who will be buried with the dead. Simultaneously, on the last leg of their futile struggle, they are wantonly and ostentatiously issuing "blank checks," dragging people to evil ways and concealing the truth. Are the gods really looking on helplessly? Not so! Just like the Communists of Eastern Europe, despite being given all opportunities to mend their ways, they committed all those atrocities and finally disintegrated, conforming to the edicts of heaven and as forecast in history, and the accounts of the past need no longer be settled.

Though the Chinese Communist Party is guilty of unforgivable evildoings, the gods gave them opportunity after opportunity, yet they persisted in clinging obstinately to their course. The gods have dealt them the death knell. Hence, anyone who is still a Party member would be in grave danger. The "Nine Commentaries," a magic weapon from heaven to rescue the victims amongst the masses and on their behalf, are a warning to those deeply involved in committing such atrocities. Therefore, at this final moment in time and opportunity, those who look forward to being saved from misery must certainly announce their withdrawal from the League and the Party; otherwise they will live in regret. In the not too distant future, those with the mark of the evil spirit of the Chinese Communist Party will be caught in the tight net the gods have cast and exterminated!

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