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PureInsight | May 23, 2005

[] Today while a fellow practitioner (referred as C) was at work, another fellow practitioner (referred as B) suddenly barged in angrily and started reproaching him. B shouted out a lot of nasty accusations condescendingly. C wanted to talk to B with reason, but B refused to listen. After making a huge scene at C's workplace, B stormed out and drove off, leaving C standing there feeling shell-shocked. A lot of C's colleagues came to check on C and asked if he was all right. Even C's boss had heard of this incident and came down to C's floor to ask him what had happened!

It turned out that C had promised to fix B's computer the previous night, but he stood B up. Then you know the rest. After learning what had happened, I teased C about it. "It looks like you have truly upgraded your xinxing a lot this time!"

C usually gets off work every night at 10:00 PM. Last night there was an emergency situation related to our truth-clarification work. Everyone thought it had already been taken care of until I found something went wrong after 1:00 AM today. It was a severe problem that required immediate attention. I immediately started contacting fellow practitioners, but all of them were asleep except C. At first he told me he had just gotten off an Internet conference [discussing Falun Gong truth-clarification work.] But when he understood the severity of the problem, he asked me to contact another fellow practitioner right away. The three of us discussed until 4:00 AM to finally work out a solution. Next we found fellow practitioners who were computer savvy to execute our emergency plan right away. I had no idea how late/early they stayed up to fix this problem.

In addition, C had to use his lunch break to do some related work to complement the solution. Falun Gong practitioners are truly admirable. They have been working tirelessly to clarify the truth to the world's people about Falun Gong. They are truly admirable! Those fellow practitioners who have been developing Internet technologies to expand the channels for our truth-clarification work have taken an extraordinary load of work. There is hardly any day that they don't stay up developing Internet technology.

Despite his selfless contribution, C was met with severe criticism and huge humiliation in front of his colleagues. It was truly like Teacher said, "But normally when a problem arises, if it does not irritate a person psychologically, it does not count or is useless and cannot make him or her improve." (From "Transformation of Karma" in Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun.)

It if had happened to a non-cultivator, it is more than likely that he would have felt insulted and enraged! Yet C immediately searched inward and admitted that it was wrong to stand B up. Hence, he did not lose his temper. He said that after he had endured the humiliation, he was surprised that he felt enormously relaxed and comfortable, as if he had shed a layer of shell.

Teacher said, "[…] as long as a person upgrades his xinxing in conflicts, his gong will increase. It is that simple." "Therefore, from now on when you come across a conflict you should not consider it a coincidence. This is because when a conflict occurs, it will take place unexpectedly. But that is not a coincidence—it is for improving your xinxing. As long as you treat yourself as a practitioner, you can handle it properly."(From "Transformation of Karma" in Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun.)

C told me that he did not understand why B wouldn't even given him an opportunity to explain what had happened last night.

Teacher repeatedly told us that we must cultivate ourselves well. Doing truth-clarification work does not mean not cultivating ourselves while doing truth-clarification work. We must live by Falun Gong's cultivation principles at all times and remind ourselves that we are cultivators. When we truly conduct ourselves according to the principles of Truthfilness, Compassion and Forbearance, our colleagues at work will naturally have a good impression of Falun Gong. When B went to C's workplace and made a huge scene by cursing and yelling at B, what enormous damage he did to the good name of Falun Gong!

Opportunities for cultivation abound in our truth-clarification work. Cultivation is a solemn matter. We will not be able to reach Consummation if we do not cultivate ourselves well, no matter how much truth-clarification work we have done.

Teacher requires us to seek inward when we see others having a conflict. Naturally I need to ask myself why I happened to learn about the conflict between B and C. Before I started practicing Falun Gong, I had an overbearing character and always had to have the last word. When I found a person making a mistake, I would definitely humiliate him or reproach him condescendingly. I slowly gave up my overbearing character after having witnessed many fellow practitioners silently taking on large loads of truth-clarification work. Those fellow practitioners who work on Internet and network security for Falun Gong practitioners' websites and Internet communications have taken an extraordinary amount of work, but no one outside the Internet and network security team can know who is on those teams out of security concerns. Hence, this is a job with no visibility, but with a work load. It is also very time consuming. It takes a lot of time to identify and fix a problem related to computer hardware or software. During the process of working with fellow practitioners on the Internet and network security team, I have gradually learned to tolerate and forgive others' mistakes. Of course, I still have a long way to go to cultivate my tolerance.

I wrote this article because I would like to share with fellow practitioners that, while it is important for us to do truth-clarification work, it is equally important to create and maintain the good reputation of Falun Gong. I would also like to remind all that it is important for us to cultivate ourselves well in order to do the truth-clarification well.

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