Tiananmen - One Day Spring Time

An Australian Falun Dafa Pract

PureInsight | May 30, 2005


Six years and more unfolding,
such winters of clouded repression,
from immolations staged, storms
on Zhongnanhai concocted, terror
behind the taming of millions

Campaigns, calamities no less,
destined to a final undoing. Cradles
of injustice, the cries of revolutions
down, from slumber stirring,
transcending all, beckon now your
triumphant song!

A birthright beyond this threshold
awaits, testaments to truth carrying
seeds to virtue. A stretch of banners
and voices arise, determined in
selfless display.

Towards compassion, a path
encompassing, composure come
every crowd and corner. With faith
in Dafa diamond strong, no dread
nor vanquish of heart.

Closer, a new world unveiling,
let peace find your place again.
From tangled grey, a square in
divide, soon your realms of light
restored, here, one day Spring time.

June 2005

(Dedicated to all the students who lost their lives in the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4, 1989 and the countless Falun Dafa practitioners who continue their peaceful appeal for justice and an end to the CCP's relentless and brutal persecution against Falun Dafa)

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