The Flood in Heilongjiang Province Killed Nearly 100; The Weather in China Has Been Abnormal Lately

Zhou Tong, Ed.

PureInsight | June 20, 2005


The Flood in Heilongjiang Province Killed Nearly 100

The flood in Heilongjiang Province killed 92 people on June 10 in Shalan Town, Ning'an City, Heilongjiang province. The number of missing people is unknown. The death toll is likely to increase.

Chang'an Elementary School in Shalan Township, Shalan Town, Ning'an City has been buried by flood and mudflows. The children that survived the flood recalled the terrible moment, "The water was coming into the classroom from under the doors. The water rose suddenly and went above our heads." Another child recalled, "All of the sudden, the flood smashed the windows and poured into the classroom. Soon we were all underwater." "The water came in from under the door. It rose to about two meters tall and almost reached the ceiling beam."

Abnormal Weather in China Lately

Lately China has been haunted by abnormal weather. The disaster alarms have gone off in main parts of the country. China's Ministry of Land Resources and Weather Bureau issued a weather warning about severe rain in western Guangdong Province and southern Guangxi Province from the evening of June 13 to June 14. Geological disasters like landslides and mudflows were likely to happen.

According to the warnings issued by the China Central Meteorological Station, for three days starting June 13, southeastern Jiangnan and Huanan would receive constant showers and thundershowers or hail. Meanwhile, Huabei, southwestern Shaanxi Province, Shanxi Province, eastern Xinjiang Automatic Region and Hainan Island was expected to receive toasting high temperature. In some areas, the temperatures of 100-102F° were expected.

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