The Calls for Help in the Dreams

Wen Yiwen

PureInsight | July 25, 2005

[] There is an elderly Chinese woman who is in her 60's. Before she retired, she worked as a secretary in the local government of a city in China. She has served over 100 bosses during her 40 years of work in the city government.

A year ago she came to visit her son, daughter-in-law, and her grandson in Canada. After The Epoch Times published The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party last November, the elderly woman read it repeatedly. On one Sunday she called the service center and asked to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She read to me over the phone the withdrawal statement she had prepared in advance. While I was dictating her statement carefully, I heard someone in the background telling her, "Stop it!" She tried to comfort the man and said, "Okay. Okay." But she continued to read her statement determinedly. Afterwards, the woman explained, "It was my son. He is afraid of the CCP so he did not want me to finish."

The elderly lady spends her time looking after her grandson and helping with the housework. After she read The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, she began to think all the time about all her previous bosses who had passed away a long time ago. For a while, she couldn't understand why she was thinking of them so often. She would even dream of them in her sleep from time to time. One day she suddenly realized that perhaps they came to her thoughts and her dreams because they wanted to withdraw from the CCP!

She wrote down all their names. The next time she came to Chinatown with her son to do grocery shopping, she approached the service center and delivered the list of her bosses while her son was busy shopping. She wanted to help her old bosses withdraw from the CCP. It was a one-page list with more than 70 names. The elderly woman bid us farewell after repeatedly thanking us for our assistance.

Shortly afterwards, the elderly woman came to us again and gave us three additional names. She told us a very inspiring story. "I have stopped dreaming in my sleep about the people on the previous list. These three people are missing from the previous list. After I went home last time, they came into my dreams. One of them called my name and asked me to save him. In the dream I extended my bed sheet to him. Then I pulled him up out of darkness." After passing the three names to us, she left looking very happy.

All living beings are longing for Teacher's salvation. Even those people who have passed away yearn for the salvation. What are they waiting for?

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