Being Diplomatic vs. Harmonizing

PureInsight | August 8, 2005

[] Being tactful, slick or sly is based on a selfish agenda or on the need to protect one's interest, such as maintaining a reputation as a polished and diplomatic person, maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship, and avoiding offending people. A slick person will make a conscious effort to praise other people for their achievements in order to show others that they are generous and are not jealous of others' achievements. A diplomatic person makes a conscious effort to flatter others in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship with others. A tactful person strives to build a good rapport with everyone else in order to use his social connection as an asset to upgrade his social standing and reputation.

Harmonizing has a selfless agenda. A harmonious person conducts himself for the sake of others and for the group. A harmonious person is truly altruistic and thinking of others at all times. He remains clear-minded despite of other people's less-than-honest behaviors. He will consider everything thoroughly and will not be subjected to the law of mutual promotion and mutual restriction. A harmonious person will not make decisions to flatter any specific person. He will evaluate things from all aspects and prioritize the group's overall interest. Hence, he is likely to make wiser and fairer decisions. His speech and behaviors are consistently altruistic and harmonizing.

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