Song of Loving Our Country

PureInsight | August 15, 2005


I love splendid China, with her long history and magnificent civilization,
But not the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), for its shameful slaughter and suppression of the kind and good.

I love the brave, kindhearted and wise Chinese people,
But not CCP, a parasite sucking the blood and sweat of people

I love the land of China, her roaming rivers and lofty mountains,
But not the CCP, the specter from the West that is stealing from and occupying my homeland where the Chinese people have lived from one generation to the next for thousands of years

I love the Middle Kingdom, where generations of heroes were produced,
But not CCP, the ghost from the West that enslaves and tramples my homeland.

The heaven behead the red dragon, a divine sword is hanging in the sky.
Executing the Dao on behalf of the heaven, it is time for heroes to rise.
Drive away and eliminate the evil, restore and re-glorify China.
Clean away the dark fog and China will be re-born.

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