Further and Deeper Discussion on Withdrawing from the Communist Party

Cheng Xin

PureInsight | September 5, 2005

[PureInsight.org] Withdrawal from the Communist Party isn't about getting involved in politics. It isn't about overthrowing some political power, nor is it about doing battle with someone. It seems to be very hard for ordinary people to understand that. Even some fellow disciples seem to have difficulties accepting that. The truth is that such doubts are caused by our own selfish hearts. This evil party has committed humongous sins against the Great Law of the universe, against our fellow disciples, and against the common people. If people only use the selfish attitude to look at an issue, then they cannot distinguish between demonic behavior and righteousness, and they cannot see the entire picture. In that case, of course it is even harder for them to understand the more profound reasons behind the cosmic changes. In the beginning, I too experienced similar doubts. But even when I had these thoughts, I still believed that it was due to my inability to understand things on the basis of being a Dafa disciple, and that in turn was caused by my not studying the Fa well enough.

Once again I began to read Zhuan Falun, this Great Law of the universe that encompasses everything while leaving out nothing in any dimension, with a sincere and tranquil heart. The deeper connotations in the book shook me extremely. The heavenly secrets are in this book. The great wisdom and the compassion that Master has towards life are indescribable. At that moment my tears started to flow.

I understood even more profoundly what Master said, "On the surface, Zhuan Falun is not elegant in terms of language. It might even not comply with modern grammar. If I were to use modern grammar to organize this book of Dafa, however, a serious problem would arise wherein though the structure of the book's language might be standard and elegant, it would not encompass a more profound and higher content. This is because modern, standardized terminology cannot express the guidance of Dafa at different high levels and the manifestation of the Fa at each level; neither is it able to bring about practitioners' transformation of benti and gong, or other such fundamental changes."

This is so right! There are differences between how the East and the West do things. Their results are different too. Because our Great Master truly feels compassion towards the Chinese people, he has been "burdened with all of heaven's troubles" in order to prevent the life and spirit of China from perishing. Using his strength to ward off a great number of obstructions and barriers at every level, he has used the most compassionate method, one that protects the society the most, to "turn the wheel towards the human world." Master said at the "Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference," "Whatever the case, I want what is good for people. Having reincarnated in China in this life, I, Li Hongzhi, have a deep understanding of that nation and I want what's good for it, too." That sentence may appear to be very ordinary. But I have gained some understandings as to its extremely deep meanings.
I want to urge fellow disciples to study the Fa more, only then can you remove the uncertainty in your hearts. Untie the knots in your hearts, and firmly believe in Master and the Fa!

Withdraw from the Communist Party, human beings! The Buddha's Grace is infinite.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/8/9/33388.html

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