Crossing the Mysterious Pass

Court Reinland

PureInsight | December 12, 2005


Few can describe its truth or its worth,
Less can describe its coming to birth

As the passing tide sweeps, gold from the sand is revealed
And from the eyes of the wicked, the truth is concealed

But of those are some, come few as they may
Who describe the existence of a nobler way

Shaded by sorrow, and shrouded by time
Never-the-less a few souls willing,
Attempt its arduous climb

Finding it alone seems an insurmountable task
And climbing it steady a feat of glorious repute,
But of its very existence even is some dispute

Yet I by my lonesome, having faith in the past,
And knowing how precious few years, my own life would last,
Did set out to climb this Mysterious Pass

But truly I tell you, if I had known on starting,
What I knew half way through
Many things in my life, different would I do

For the fate of my actions made for a tumultuous climb,
With one leg I lifted and with one arm I strained
Trusting what was said,
That for all that was lost, thrice again would be gained

But on nearing the crest, the air being thin
Began I to doubt all I held dear within

"Can all of it be, truly as they say?
Having strove through the night,
will light again yield the day?"

Or is it as said by its major detractors,
"Fools are the men chasing tales of hereafter!"

But I in my heart put down these objections,
And in my soul did I quell these brash insurrections

Nay say I, to the top I shall climb,
As did all men before me, searching out the Divine

I knew when I started, that the road was not easy,
And I shall not forget, what I came here to do
Nay for sure and for sure, I will see the night through

And as I there climbed amidst it, hoping hope against hope
On my last wincing gasp - dawn finally broke

And as I gazed down to the valley,
Finally found I at last -
That night I had crossed,
The Mysterious Pass

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