Let Go of the Attachment to Seeking Comfort

PureInsight | June 26, 2006

[PureInsight.org] I once had a
dream.  In the dream, I was with a group of very kind
people.  They were about to be attacked by a crowd of fierce
enemies.  Although the group knew that almost all of them would
die in the battle, they still pledged to fight to the death.  I
did not belong to the group. But I was determined to stand by their
side and to fight to death, because I knew they were the righteous

However, at this moment, a thought for comfort appeared in my
mind.  I thought of my comfortable bed in my home and I remembered
my cozy lifestyle.  I became reluctant to sacrifice my life. 
As soon as I thought of those comforts, I was kicked out of the dream
and awakened.  

I feel very remorseful when I woke up.  I regretted not choosing
the righteous way in the dream.  I gave up the righteous things
for sake of seeking a comfortable lifestyle.  The dream seemed to
me as a test of a life and death set up for a practitioner to pass
through in order to reach consummation. Today's Dafa practitioners are
like the group of kind people.  A practitioner needs to sacrifice
his cozy lifestyle, even his life, in order to become a member of the
group. If a practitioner only seeks for a comfortable lifestyle but is
reluctant to rectify the Fa, he has given up becoming a member of the
group.  The life of a human being is as short and transient as a
dream. When one wakes up from the dream, it is too late to feel regret
and remorse. But in the dream, the tribulations that one encounters
seem so real and hard to let go of.

Taiwan has a cozy and comfortable environment.  We probably won't
directly face a test of life and death.  But when I encounter good
opportunities to clarify the truth, have I been able to let go of my
attachment to comfort to the greatest extent possible? Have I let go of
my attachment to save face? Several times I had come across people who
were visiting Taiwan from Mainland China.  It seemed simple to go
up to them and clarify the truth to them. But I felt afraid and
struggled with approaching them.  When I travel to places outside
of Taiwan to clarify the truth, I also face a choice. Do I choose to
clarify the truth to people face to face or hide behind a banner? The
test appears one after another.  In each test, we choose to become
either a practitioner or an everyday person.

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