Some Thoughts on How to Pass on Falun Gong

A Practitioner in New Jersey

PureInsight | July 16, 2006

[] At a family get together, I talked with a friend
about Falun Gong.   Before this, I had studied the books for
a while and felt that they had educated me to become a good person.

At the get together, my friend, who is Thai, began to talk to me about
Buddhism.  I felt from him as he spoke that he was ready to hear
about Falun Gong.  After listening for a while, he paused, and
then I began to talk about my understanding of the hardships and
triumphs of emerging from persecution.  First, I related the
stories that I had remembered about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
Through his endurance, he had helped abolish the bigotry and
persecution in America.  I saw my friend's interest and that he
had understood. Next, I related my understanding's about persecutions
of the Nazi's, Serbians, and Kurds in the past. Then I tied the
conversation in with the hardships of Gandhi and Christ, only to
discuss topics related to persecution, rather than religion.


After this, I could sense in his mind that there may have been some
locked portions in his mind that knew about Falun Gong and Teacher
Li.  Since I felt no more hesitation in my consciousness, I
related the story of the persecution and felt the Falun rotate as I
explained it to him. I realized later, after reviewing what was said,
that I had found a new way to relate Falun Gong to others.  Other
ways to convey the persecution, with a more serious, firm attitude do
well also.  Although effective as those may be, I had learned to
use fundamental, secular understandings (of course, as unattached as
possible) with the background energy to relate the story of Falun Gong
to my friend.

After using this type of style several other times, I now feel
comfortable using unattached human knowledge to discuss Falun Gong with
others whom I perceive to, in some way, want to learn a little or a lot.

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