Story from History: A Straightforward and Highly Tolerant Man

Hong Yi

PureInsight | September 9, 2006

[] Han Qi was
the Duke of Wei Guo and a Prime Minister in the Song Dynasty. When he
was stationed in the city of Xiangzhou, he once stayed overnight at a
local inn during a visit to the temple of Confucius.

A thief came into his room with a knife and said to Han Qi, "I can't feed myself, so I am asking you for your help."

Han Qi said, "The eating utensils on the table are worth a lot of money. I will let you have them all."

The thief said, "I want your head to present to the country in the west."

Han Qi immediately stretched out his head.

The thief lowered his head and bowed, "I heard that you are very
tolerant, so I came to test you. I am very grateful to you for giving
me the utensils on the table and hope you keep this a secret."

"Ok." Han Qi replied. Han Qi did not tell anyone about that incident during his lifetime.

Later on, the thief committed other crimes and was sentenced to death.
He spoke in detail about the incident with Han Qi at the execution
ground. He said, "I am concerned that after I die, no one will know of
Han Qi's moral conduct."

Han Qi possessed great tolerance and a natural disposition to be simple
and honest. He never resorted to the use of sly tricks. He accomplished
a great deal and had a high position in society, but he was never
prideful. No matter how important the responsibilities he held and
whatever unexpected disasters and dangers he faced, Han Qi never seemed
to be worried. He always looked serene and peaceful, no matter what the
situation. During his lifetime, Han Qi never decorated his speech, and
talked only from the bottom of his heart; whether he was in the court
with the officials or at home with his family members.

A person who observed Han Qi for several decades recorded his words and
actions, and compared and studied them repeatedly. He found that Han
Qi's words and actions were always constant and there was nothing

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