Cooperate Quietly In Fa-Rectification Activities, Cultivate Away the Wish to Do "Important Projects"

A Dafa Practitioner in North America

PureInsight | October 15, 2006

[] I recently finished memorizing the second lecture of Zhuan Falun
I used to have a stubborn attachment to "wanting to do important
things." After I memorized the lecture, I felt that attachment has
finally been weakened.  Previously I was always envious of
practitioners who live in big cities. I felt they were on the frontline
of Fa-rectification. To me, the things they do were big and important,
and the mighty virtue they have established was just that much
bigger.  Ever since I joined a team to do technology support for a
Dafa project, I had always felt I wasn't fulfilling my potential. 
Writing code is not something I like to do or something I am good at,
but there were jobs nobody was doing.  I had no choice but to
learn the skills through self-study and take up these tasks.  But
in my heart I always felt I was more suited to participate in those
larger-scale activities.  When my cultivation state wasn't good, I
even reached the point of "threatening" my husband that I was going to
quit my job and move to New York City. Reading online reports about
other projects' activities sometimes made my heart ache; I regretted
that I was not one of the practitioners involved in certain activities.

One day not long ago I felt that a lot of the substances that caused me
to feel that way had been gotten rid of.  From deep in my heart I
understood that fundamentally we are all cultivating, assimilating to
Dafa and saving sentient beings.  Only those things are things
that a life has waited tens of million years for. We are not here to
accomplish some great feats that will shake heaven and earth. We are
here to do the Three Things. From this I understood more deeply what
Teacher said in Philadelphia about practitioners cooperating with one
another.   I have benefited enormously from memorizing the
Fa, and I have felt changes in my life's essential nature.

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