Stories about Chinese Idioms: Vicissitude

Hong Yi

PureInsight | November 26, 2006

[] The idiom "Vicissitude" means that things in this world have changed a lot. It is originated from the book A Deity Passes on - Yuan Wang 
by Ge Hong from the Jing dynasty. Ma Gu said: "Since the reception, we
have seen that the East China Sea has changed to a mulberry field three

Long time ago, there were two immortals: one was called Yuan Wang and
the other one was called MaGu. One time, they had drink together at Cai
Jing's home.

That day, accompanied by a group of trumpeters ridding unicorns and
some aides,  Wang Yuan sat on a vehicle pulled by five dragons and
arrived at Cai Jing's home. He wore a hat used for traveling far away,
a colorful silk ribbon, and carried a tiger-shaped arrow bag. He looked
majestic. After they arrived at Cai Jing's home, all the others
disappeared. After Wang Yuan and the Cai family member expressed mutual
best wishes, he waved his hand on the air to invite MaGu. Cai Jing's
family members did not know the fairy lady MaGu. So they all looked at
the sky and waited.

A little while later, one messenger of the sky talked to Wang
Yuan:"MaGu asked me to send her respects to you first. She said that
she had not seen you for five hundred years. Right now, she was on tour
inspecting the PengLai divine islands. She will be here to join you

Wang Yuan nodded his head and waited patiently. Very soon, Mar Gu came
down from the sky. She looked like an eighteen- or nineteen-year-old
beautiful girl of the human world. She had beautiful long hair down to
her waist. I do not know what kind of material her clothing was made
of. The clothing had a beautiful pattern and was radiant.

After Mar Gu and Wang Yun greeted each other, Wang Yuan ordered the
feast to begin. All the utensils were made of gold and jade. They look
very delicate and elegant. They had wonderful food. Most of the food
was unique flowers and fruits, which were extremely fragrant.

The people from Cai Jing's family had never seen those things before.

During the party, MarGu told Wang Yuan:" Since I got the order from
God, I have seen the East China sea change into a mulberry field three
times. When I arrived at Penlai, I noticed that the sea water level has
dropped by half. Does not that mean that the sea will become a mulberry
field again?"

Wang Yuan sighed and said: "The sages all said that the water level is
dropping. Soon, one will be able to raise the dust here." After they
finished, Wang Yuan and MarGu asked for their own vehicles and went up
to the sky.

There was a saying in the past: "It's only one day in heaven, but one
thousand years have passed on earth."  The different dimensions
have different time. Within a flash in a divine being's eye, the East
China Sea has become mulberry field in the human world. The time
fortune is really unpredictable!

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