Story from History: Lu Kun Reconstructing the Township

PureInsight | March 11, 2007

[] Ning Ling
used to be a small city and its walls were low. During the Ming
Dyansty, Lu Kun returned to Ning Ling County for his retirement. He
suggested to the local people that the city should be reconstructed.
Many locals did not agree with him and were resentful. Lu Kun said to
them: "You will understand why I suggested having the city
reconstructed in thirty years time."

Thirty years later, during the Chong-Zhen period of the Ming Dynasty,
roving bandits were everywhere and there was no peace for the people.
However, Ling Ning City was able to shelter tens of thousands of people
from the surrounding area who were running away from the bandits. The
local people were grateful for Lu Kun's foresight and built a temple to
commemorate him.   

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