Story from History: Zeng Guofan Reads a Person in the Right Way

Haibin Yidou

PureInsight | April 1, 2007

[] Zeng Guofan
was a well-known official in the Qing Dynasty. Back in his years of
studying in the Hanlin Academy, one day, he went to a bookstore in the
Haiwang Village. Two people were buying books. One person dropped a
coin, and the other person immediately stepped on it and hid it under
his foot. When the first person left the store, the second person
picked up the coin quickly and walked away happily. Zeng Guofan asked
the bookstore attendant and got the second person's name.

More then twenty years later, when Zeng Guofan was the governor of
Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces, that person took the post of county
magistrate and came to deliver his visiting card. Zeng Guofan said,
"This person loves money as much as his life. If he were to become the
people's official, how would he not exploit the people's lifeblood?" He
immediately recalled the person.

It was only about a coin, but the person's attitude was dreadful. An
official in the Song Dynasty stole a coin from the government
repository, but denied it when accused. The county magistrate sentenced
him, "One piece of copper coin a day, a thousand copper coins in a
thousand days. The constant sawing of the rope can cut a piece of wood
in two, the constant drip of water can wear a hole in stone." And then
he had him beheaded on site.

The Chinese Communist Party has destroyed moral values and has ruled
China with its evil doctrines for decades. Today, corruption has become
systematic and spread to almost every official in China. The CCP has
taken human society into a pitiful situation.

From "Meilu Stories"

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