My Grandfather Finally Believes in Falun Dafa

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | April 15, 2007

[] My
grandparents are almost ninety years old.  They have lived all
their lives under hardship. My grandfather majored in natural science
and my grandmother was a teacher.  Because of their family
background, every time there was a political persecution they were
involved, particularly during the culture revolution. They were the
targets in the units. My grandfather also speaks English and so he was
accused of being a spy. He was arrested, beaten, cursed, and tortured,
and his house was also ransacked. As a result, he suffered a great
deal, both physically and emotionally. He was lucky to live this long,
but his body suffers from more and more ailments.

My grandmother was in poor health, so she followed my mother practicing
Falun Gong. However, Grandfather was not only afraid of the evil party
but also, due to a lack of understanding, he was against it. After
July, 20, 1999, when the government started to persecute Falun Gong,
Grandfather was really terrified.  Grandmother was also scared and
she gave up practicing. Everyone followed the others and some even did
things that were disrespectful to Master and Dafa.

Interestingly enough, after the broadcast of "Tiananmen Immolation"
incident they found many things illogical and questioned them. 
When my mother and I visited them, we also took the opportunity to
clarify the truth to them.  They were still very scared, just like
other ordinary people, and they thought that they could not fight
against the government and win.

One day, my grandmother displayed the symptoms of cerebral thrombosis
and could not speak or move. Everyone was very concerned because she
was over eighty years old.  My uncle asked the physician to come
to the house and gave her treatment at home. After a week of
intravenous drugs, my grandmother could no longer receive any

My mother then asked my grandmother to recite "Truthfulness,
Compassion, Forbearance is good." When my grandmother could not do it
herself, then my grandfather would continue to recite it for her. My
grandfather did not believe in it at first, but this was the last
resort, so he recited those words every day.  Without any
medication or injections, my grandmother slowly got better. She could
move her legs. She could get out of the bed with some assistance.
Gradually, she could communicate with the family.  It is indeed a
miracle when a person is over 80 years old and can recuperate from the
reciting of a few words by another. Now, my grandmother can recite
herself: "Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance is good." and "Falun
Dafa is good."

Soon, my grandfather had difficulty walking and his legs became painful
and unstable. After that, his legs started to swell and he could not
even put his shoes on. Sometimes he could not even put his pants
on.  He tried various medications and injections to no avail. When
my mother visited my grandfather, she insisted that he recite
"Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance is good." and "Falun Dafa is

My grandfather said that if medication and injections were not helpful,
then how could these few words help?" In reality, he did believe in the
power of Dafa.  That night, his legs were hurting so much more
that he could not sleep and he remembered to recite "Truthfulness,
compassion, and forbearance are good." He did not think about anything
else and he recited that all night.  

He was so surprised the next morning that the pain and swelling in his
legs had disappeared and he could even put on his socks and pants. This
time, my grandfather truly believed in the miracle of Dafa.  As a
result, they recited every day:" Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance
is good. "and "Falun Dafa is good."  

My grandparents declared on the Minghui Net that everything they had
said and done disrespectfully before were null and void. In addition,
they also managed to save from their meager salaries and donated over
one thousand yuan to produce Dafa materials.

There were more miraculous events. Last November, my grandfather's
blood pressure suddenly increased to 210, he vomited blood, and his
excrement was stinky black. My uncle intended to take him to the
hospital, but Grandfather said, "If I go, I won't be able to come back.
Let it follow its natural course." My uncle asked my mother to persuade
my grandfather, but she said that they had better follow grandfather's

Nonetheless, my uncle took my grandfather's stool sample to the
hospital and also asked a doctor to come to see my grandfather at
home.  The doctor said that it was a result of bleeding in the
stomach.  Because of his old age and the severity of the
condition, his stomach was bleeding and the lining of his stomach was
also shedding. Thus, there was no need to stay in the hospital, but it
was time to make funeral arrangements.

In reality, my grandfather knew what was going on. Twenty years ago,
the same thing had happened to him and he had suffered a great deal
from the tests and treatments.  He did not want to go through that
again. He thought that perhaps a miracle would happen again by just
reciting "Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance is good." and "Falun
Dafa is good." He lay down and recited those words, and pulled out the
IV tube.  A day later, all his symptoms disappeared.  Isn't
that a miracle?

Now, both of my grandparents recite those ten words every day and also
listen to Master's lectures.  During the Chinese New Year, they
bowed to Master and thanked him for his compassion and salvation. 
I told the story about my grandparents so that more people would
understand: Falun Dafa gives blessings to people in this world, and
offers salvation to all sentient beings. If one believes in Dafa, one
can be saved in times of crisis. I hope that people disbelieve the lies
from the Communist Party. I also hope that you, too, recite those words
and quit the party, the league, and the group soon. Only by doing that
can your life be saved and your future be bright.

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