Stories from History: Wang Han Had Patience

Yi Dou

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[] There was a
Song Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.) official named Wang Han. When he was the
Prefect of Tanzhou, a crazy woman came to appeal. In the past, when she
spoke in a disorderly way, the officials would scold her. But as soon
as they did that, she would curse them back and, in the end, the
official would refuse to let her in. The same thing repeated for all
the previous Prefects. Wang Han let the woman in and told her to speak
slowly. He listened to her carefully and asked a lot of questions.

The story wasn't clear until a while later. She used to be someone's
wife, but she didn't give birth to any children. Her husband's
concubine had given birth to a child. After her husband died, the
concubine occupied his husband's property and expelled her from the
house. She had tried to appeal to the officials for many times but
could not find justice. She was so frustrated and resentful that she
went crazy.

Wang Han took the case and ruled that the property to be returned to
her. The woman recovered very soon and people were all amazed. When the
royal government became aware of the case, the Emperor issued a
proclamation honoring Wang Han and awarded him 300 bolts of silk and

A person was almost compelled to go insane because of a simple case and
the case would not have been settled ever just because other people
didn't have the patience to listen to the person.  

From Su Shui Ji Wen

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