Stories from History: How Zhang Qixian Divided the Assets

Yi Dou

PureInsight | May 31, 2007

[] During the
time of Emperor Zhenzong (968-1022 A.D.) of the Song Dynasty, two of
the Emperor's relatives did not agree with the amount of each other's
endowment, argued about it, and had complained about each other at the
Censorate's office. Emperor Zhenzong had the case reviewed more than
ten times and couldn't get it settled. Later on, he ordered Prime
Minister Zhang Qixian to handle it.

Zhang Qixian called in the two families and asked them, "Do you all
think the other family has more than your family does?" They all
answered, "Yes." Zhang Qixian had both families write and sign an
appeal letter, sent two officials to the two families, and had them
moved into each other's homes without moving any assets. Then he had
the two families exchange the deeds and other documents and the two
families quieted down immediately


The saints have said, "Though peace reigns over the land, stupid people
create trouble for themselves." If everyone can practice a little
tolerance, the world will be come so much quieter.

From Sushuijiwen

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