The Path of Life (3): Elevating in the Fa

Qi Zhiping

PureInsight | May 31, 2007

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[]  A being
that has obtained the Fa or a person who understands the truth is
something that the ordinary people would find hard to understand. 
Such a being or such a person is moving to Dafa from the depth of his
inner being. Such a force is invincible, incomparable, and

The power of truth always prevails.  A person who really
understands the truth will recognize it. The power of truth is
insurmountable and will change a person or the entire world from its
utmost inner essence.

 ( 2 )

After I obtained the Fa, everything that I had learned before became
pale in comparison with Dafa. I got rid many things, the treasures of
the past, and lived a simple and quiet life. The tranquility in my
heart was so dignifying and hard to describe: The only thing that I
could think of is a realm of being totally carefree.

Living a carefree life in a mundane world is taking care of your
affairs naturally, doing it well without pursuit, paying attention but
without attachment, filling your heart with the Fa, and measuring
everything against the Fa.  Living a carefree life is also
studying diligently, doing the exercises daily, sharing experiences,
assisting new practitioners, and spreading Dafa.

I love to study the Fa,  read many Dafa books, listen to tapes,
watch videos, recite the Fa, copy the Fa, and  do many other
activities. I have learned Zhuan Falun
so well that I can see every page flashing in my mind and quickly find
a sentence on a page and in a paragraph. I have done that without being
coerced. If Dafa were not wonderful, would someone like me who had
spent many years searching for knowledge pursue it? There are numerous
people following Dafa faithfully just like me. Dafa started to spread
in 1992 and, by 1999, it had more than one hundred million
followers.  How did Dafa attract so many people? Isn't this
something worthy of pondering?

Over time I studied the Fa more and my xinxing also
improved. My view of the world, life, history, science, and many other
areas changed simultaneously and fundamentally. My attachment to
changing the world through political and social means also altered and
elevated. I realized, from studying the Dafa, that the characteristic
of the universe controls everything and that everything has been
prearranged, including the social and political trends in the human
world. It is not up to human beings to do what they wish. Furthermore,
good and evil, as well as giving and gaining, have to go along with the
principles of the universe.  Since people look at things from the
angle of self interest, so their pursuits may not necessarily be good,
like in politics, and may be bad things.

What is the purpose of being in politics anyway?  From competing,
fighting, and struggling, one may end up with a lifetime of
karma.  I was able to let go of my most fundamental attachment
within a very short time.  

One day, I dreamed that the whole world was in turmoil and some of my
old friends who were intensively pursuing a political life said to me,
"The whole world is in chaos and it needs someone like you."  

I said, "Anything that happens in this world is natural.  I am a cultivator and will not be bothered by it."

As I turned around and got ready to walk away, suddenly there was a
force making me rotate and move upwards. I heard a voice asking me
where I wanted to go. I thought, in my mind, of the moon. Then I was
floating up and up, over the mountains and forests, to near the
moon.  I could see the surrounding cosmos. That was a dream from
when I first started practicing.  It was so vivid that it feels
like a real experience.

After some real practicing, my experience became stronger.  The
existence of the energy mechanism is real. In the second set of
exercise, I could feel the Falun rotating between my two arms and that
was the first time that I recognized the undeniable presence of Dafa.
Later, I could feel the Falun rotating in many areas as well as my
hands when holding a book and my whole body was immersed in the field
of energy, which was getting stronger and stronger. I felt the
existence of gong, which is the strongest energy a cultivator can
acquire from cultivation. And that energy was flowing in my every vein.

If this merely represents my senses, then this would be considered
mysterious. One day, I was holding my wheel in the second set of the
exercises. Suddenly I felt very light and was about to fly off the
ground, with only the tips of my toes touching the ground. I was
weightless and my toes were not supporting my body, only serving as an
anchor to the ground. Of course, I knew the principle of levitation in
broad daylight from Dafa and it is a natural phenomenon.

 Meanwhile someone passed by the window and saw me and she was
astonished and said to another person, "See that! He is about to fly
off the ground and I wonder what kind of gong he is practicing?"

That happened shortly after I started practicing. In the following
years, it took place more often. In the practice site, the coordinator
asked why I stood on my toes while doing the exercises.  I had to
explain to her.

Some people might say that I intended to do my exercises on the tips of
my toes.  You got to be kidding, even if I wanted to do it that
way, there would be no way that I could. The way my toes touched the
ground were like a ballerina's. I have never learned ballet, even if I
did, and I could not do it for that long without moving.

One time, a practitioner said, "Judging by the way you do the
exercises, you are about to fly off.  I really believe that
everything about Dafa truly exists."

In reality, it happens even when I was not practicing.  I have
often felt my body very light in my working environment or other
places.  Other people did not realize it, but some would ask in a
surprised manner.  Most of the time, I did not explain in details
to the ordinary people.

Supernormal capabilities are real and I have experienced them numerous
times during my cultivation. The funny thing is that those evil doers
dare to persecute the cultivators who are walking on the path to
godhood.  It is a real pity that they do not know what they are

( 3 )

I became more and more level-headed intellectually. I felt uneasy about
idealism and materialism before because it was quite unpolished and
arbitrary.  When I was in junior high, I loved to read philosophy
books. I thought at that time that some day I would like to bridge the
differences between these two.

Later I ventured into various theories, but I could not eliminate the
discrepancy from the philosophical perspective. Mind and matter are
one. Mind is formless, a material, energy, or substance and its
objective existence can not be changed by our subjective will. 
Thus, what human beings can see or touch becomes material and thoughts
become spiritual. Both matter and mind are restricted by the
characteristic of the universe. The combination of these two turns into
a human body and is manifested as body and soul. In this colossal
cosmos, everything manifests in the combined form of material and mind.

At that time, I already recognized that Marxism was wrong. Before I
practiced Falun Dafa, I systematically read all the theories and
arguments from Marxism and thought of its concepts as being quite
serious and elaborate. However, I could not accept it and knew that
there must be something far better than that. Meanwhile my
understanding of the "International Communist movement history" made me wonder all the more about its theory of "violence and struggle."

After I learned Dafa, I was very clear that all these theories were
fundamentally wrong.  They take advantage of illogical notions
from human beings and focus more on practical advantages. In this way,
it divides the world into material and mind and facilitates their
opposition to each other.  A concept that establishes its basis on
that standpoint is actually groundless, let alone having any
philosophical depth.  The acquired human notions can easily
overlook its loopholes. If you sincerely ask why they made such a
division and what they based it on, you can be sure that they cannot
give you a satisfactory answer. During the heat wave of scientific
development, rarely would anyone ask such a question. As a result, it
has deceived the whole world.

Over time, as scientific development becomes more advanced, it becomes
increasingly difficult to separate matter and mind. It's actually a
thin dividing line. If we want to analyze it philosophically, then we
need an extensive philosophical rationale.

The most fundamental question and answer in philosophy should be how to
understand the highest principles and the basic mechanism of this
universe, and how to restrict everything and yet not be limited by its
utmost rules.

It said in the beginning of Daxue,
a traditional classic, "The way to great learning is to understand
virtue, family, and the ultimate truth." What is the ultimate truth?
That is to have the basic truth as a foundation and then branch into
the ultimate truth and thus understand everything in this universe from
that standpoint. It can also be interpreted as reaching the goal of the
ultimate truth. The Western philosophy, from Socrates to the present
time, also considers "the ultimate truth" as the last and most
important question. As true philosophers, no one has taken such a
shallow understanding from the ordinary people, such as division of
matter and mind, as a basic probe.  Such a division at best be
taken as a superficial understanding of matters in this world and
cannot be a focus point in the field of philosophy.

Since the theory of Marxism is fundamentally wrong, then it is not
difficult for us to see that everything has been built from it is also
wrong, even though they may seem to have good logic or concept. 
In historical materialism, the concept of the development of society
being divided into social existence and social consciousness is also
wrong. Actually, to emphasize the opposition of matter and mind and to
make it into the most important subject is the way to promote
atheism.  Nowadays, people in this world are becoming clearer on

Marxism has many fallacies and loopholes, but they are hidden in a
tight structure of logic and concepts. It becomes very difficult to
digest. Particularly at the present, very few people can grasp its
theories. In China, the compulsory nature of the CCP is forcing
everyone to study politics, but rarely would anyone be interested in
it. Thus, no one wants to study further and whether it is right or
wrong no longer attracts any attention. It is a superficial tool for
people who seek political power and personal gain.

After I understood the principles, my thought process became entirely
open and I gained a new appreciation of the universe, life, history,
science, and religion. I felt like a true intellectual and thought what
I did in the past was merely searching in the dark night.

I new found knowledge is very beneficial to my work. I am in the field
of education. Ever since I started practicing, everything I have done
has come together easily, no struggling and no fuss. No matter what
subject I teach, from shallow to deep, the students enjoy it,

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