The Five Colors Auspicious Cloud

PureInsight | June 7, 2007

The Five Colors Auspicious Cloud

Dafa Disciples from TianJin

[] In May, it does not rain much in the city of Tianjin.
But it is windy. On a beautiful sunny day, the white clouds hang in the
blue sky.  The cold wind blows gently to make people very
comfortable. After happily reading the congratulaory message "To the
Canada Fa Conference" that was written by our merciful great Master and
published on May 19th, the Dafa Disciples sincerely feel that the
Fa-rectification is progressing very rapidly. After being eliminated by
the Dafa disciples, the evil Party, the meddling deities, and the
rotten demons have become very few. The Fa-rectification is quickly
progressing in a the positive direction.


Things do not come singly but in pairs. At that time, a local influential newspaper, City Bulletin,
published an article entitled "'The Five Colors Auspicious Cloud'
Appeared on the Tianjin City Sky."  The article says that on May 18th,
between 11:00 AM and 12 o'clock, thirty-five residents called the hot
line. They declared that they saw "The Five Colors Auspicious Cloud."
"It is true! We saw it when we looked from the Truth Street towards the
outside circle line. It is very beautiful."  "The Auspicious Cloud
looks like a colorful dragon. It has five colors and it moves slowly
towards the east."  The residents excitedly described what they
saw to the reporters. I thought at that time that it must be the divine
beings showing us something. Because of the joint effort from the Dafa
disciples both in China and outside China and, especially, the strong
righteous thoughts from Tianjin Disciples, the majority of the evil
forces and the evil factors in the other dimension in Tainjin have been
eliminated. The remaining evil forces are very few. The appearance of
the "Five Colors Auspicious Cloud" is a sign of encouragement from our
Master and the divine beings in heaven.

Looking back at the solemn cultivation path of following our Master,
especially in those days in the Fa-rectification and cultivation years,
the disciples were not afraid of the dangers. Under Master's kind,
loving care and guidance, they went up against enormous pressures and
hardships. They are hard as rock. They tried to do well the three
things, help Master to rectify Dafa and to fulfill their vows.  On
the road to become gods, the sweat and the tears mixed with blood
marked this most glorious and critical era in the universe. In this
era, we are together with our Master, validating the Fa and saving the
sentient beings. It is lucky to be a Dafa disciple. This is the
unsurpassed glory that our Master gave us.  In the final stage,
disciples must believe in Dafa and our Master, rectify our thoughts,
and study the Fa more with peaceful minds. The closer to the end, the
more diligent Dafa disciples should be to welcome the day of Fa's
Rectification of the Human World, the day when all of the heavens and
the earth celebrate together.

Please send my sincere greetings to the Dafa disciples both in China and oversea.

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