After Waiting through Thousands of Years of Incarnations, Let's Not be Confused by the Human Principles

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in the U.S.A.

PureInsight | June 14, 2007

[] In recent
years, news has been coming from many areas that some practitioners
died, one after another, due to sickness karma. Everyone's situation is
different and the elements involved are too complicated for us to
straighten them out, but after going through so much in cultivation, I
think we ought be able to understand some issues according to the Fa.
At the same time, in view of the situation that some individual
practitioners' lives are being drained by sickness karma, I would like
to present my personal understandings and suggestions as to how to look
at and treat such phenomena.

1. The key is to elevate one's xinxing

It's the Fa-rectification period now. Most of the beings who have
obtained the Fa came to assimilate to the Fa and assist Teacher in
doing the Fa-rectification, instead of getting rid of karma. Amidst the
numerous incarnations in the human world, we have no idea how much
karma we have accumulated and how many beings we have owed in the past.
We would never have been able to pay them back if we were to do it only
today. Throughout history, many practitioners have suffered endless
hardships and have even lost their lives so that they might gain the Fa
today. Therefore, what we have walked through in the past has laid all
kinds of foundations for us to shoulder the responsibilities of a Dafa
practitioner today. It isn't merely to repay our debts when we
encounter something today, but has hidden meanings. We need to raise
ourselves up, therefore, whatever we have encountered is for us to
elevate our xinxing. Elevating our xinxing is the key.

Teacher said in "True Character is Revealed"

"Be resolute cultivating Dafa, the mind unstirred

Climbing in levels is what's fundamental

Faced with tests, a person's true character is revealed

May you Consummate - a Buddha, Dao, or God"


2. Go beyond personal cultivation and advancement

Let's see through the nature of the old forces. The character of the
old cosmos is based on selfishness and they see personal improvement as
the first priority. But today's Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples
have been given the great mission for this historic period which far
surpasses personal cultivation and advancement. What we do today is not
for ourselves, but for others.

Teacher said in "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at
the U.S. West Fa Conference," "But today's Dafa disciples are doing
something different from the cultivation ways in every other period in
history, and that's because you are shouldering a greater
responsibility that surpasses your personal Consummation. Saving
sentient beings and validating the Fa, these far surpass your personal
cultivation, they're even greater things. And that's something that the
old forces can't handle correctly, and they're interfering with you.
Negate them, and face all of it with the right thoughts!"

For Dafa practitioners, if we have done something wrong, we will do
better next time. As soon as we find omissions in our cultivation, we
fix them immediately through cultivation. It is unacceptable for the
old forces to burden us with bouts of sickness karma for something
where we have fallen short or done wrong and persecute us for things
that we didn't handle well. Therefore, the old forces' tricks should be
completely negated. When we stumble, we should get up immediately and
thoroughly negate all the tribulations that the old forces have imposed
upon all Dafa practitioners.

3. Genuinely believe in Teacher and the Fa

No matter what predestined relationships we have formed through
history, as long as a Dafa disciple genuinely believes in Teacher and
Fa from the essence of his or her life, any knots tied in the past will
be undone. The key is whether we genuinely believe this: everything is
up to Master.

4. Do not become unsettled by changes in fellow practitioners' situations

Surrounding practitioners should not be affected by the situation
changes of practitioners who have been struck by sickness karma. Some
practitioners tend to relax as soon as the practitioner's situation
improves but, as soon as it worsens, will stay near and try to find a
solution, sometimes skipping Fa-study and practicing the exercises. In
my humble opinion, if the mind's unsettled state is not removed, evil
forces will easily take advantage of it and manifest all kinds of false
images to cause other practitioners to vacillate and thus take up a lot
of human power and time. We should rise above and beyond all kinds of
situations, never forgetting that we are Dafa disciples. It is our job
to do the three things well and nothing can shake our will in doing
those three things well.

5. Encourage and support

Some practitioners tend to tell the practitioner who has been in a
certain state for a long time, "You should do such and such." If one
person says so, two persons say so and more people say so, the
practitioner's burden will be aggravated. In my humble opinion, we
should stand by the practitioner to encourage him and support him
instead and, at the same time, realize that Dafa disciples have no
illnesses and neither does the practitioner. Whatever is physically
encountered means that a breakthrough is needed and, as long as one can
understand the Fa from the Fa, the breakthrough will occur.

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