A Wonderful Life without Fear

A Survivor

PureInsight | July 30, 2007

[PureInsight.org] A friend told
me once that people in America are protected by the law so they can
live life without fear.  A few days ago, I read an article that
stated that people in Taiwan also enjoy life without fear. I have mixed
feelings and believe that it is most fortunate to be able to live a
life without fear.  People are so fortunate to live in a
democratic environment here, compared with people who live in China and
are constantly living in fear.

A person who grew up with fear and is always afraid of not being able
to avoid fear in time will never know about joy. Even though
occasionally there are happy moments, the fear is lurking behind the

In Mainland China, one is afraid of the infant milk powder killing
babies, of the children being kidnapped and dying in the black brick
kilns, of young school children being punished for failing to wear the
red scarf, of young children being ridiculed for being poor, of being
punished for not completing home work.  Teenagers are afraid of
not being attractive enough to attract attention from the opposite sex
and, on the other hand, grown-ups are afraid of being unemployed. The
elderly are afraid that their children will not support them and the
guarantees for their living are being taken away by the government.

The students are afraid that they will be reproached for having poor
grades by their teachers and parents, that they will be punished for
not maintaining a proper sitting posture, that they will be barred from
entering the classroom for not finishing their assignments, and that
endless extracurricular classes during the summer or winter break will
diminish their own interests.

The teachers are afraid that their classes are not the best and their
students do not have the opportunity to seek higher education.  As
a result, numerous remedial classes are generated for one purpose and
that is to get more money out of the parents.

The farmers are afraid of losing their land and the burden of severe
taxation. They worry about that, in the election of a village chief,
the final outcome will be decided by the town chief alone.  The
workers are afraid of being laid off ,without receiving severance pay
their children will be ashamed of their fathers, and that their wives
tell them someone else is doing well and building a bigger house.

The police are afraid of too many good people and are constantly
finding fault with Falun Gong practitioners. They arrest, fine, and
send people to forced labor camps.  They are afraid of the violent
protesters, but they also like to suppress the Falun Gong practitioners
or people whose houses have been forcibly taken away and prevent them
from going to Beijing to appeal.

In China, Mao Zedong was afraid of not being worshiped, so he had his
old cohorts killed one by one. He was afraid that the citizens were
hard to manage, so he started various political movements and had
millions of innocent people killed.  Thus the fear was deeply
imbedded in the hearts of all Chinese.

Deng Xiaoping was afraid for his position and called out "Killing
200,000, providing 20 years of peace."  The fear was reinforced
again.  Jiang Zemin tried to be worshipped as Mao and persecuted a
huge spiritual group. To make the matter worse, even their organs have
been harvested for profit and their bodies destroyed. Such cruelty is
unprecedented in the history of mankind.

In China, no matter who you are, a high official or an ordinary
citizen, you have fear in your heart and your soul.  Fear is your
shadow and it follows your everywhere you go.  People have learned
how to protect themselves under fear: it is to always protect oneself
and at the expense of others.  It is quite controversial about
where fear comes from, but most people would agree that it has resulted
from the killing of 80 million Chinese people.

Furthermore, the indoctrination of Party Culture and destruction of
traditional Chinese Culture enables the fear to become an invisible net
which prevents everyone from seeking freedom, democracy, and god-given

Freedom from fear is the basic god-given right and the most basic
protection of the best way to live. However, people in China live in a
nightmare every minute.  Everyone minds his own business and
tolerates the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party.  At the
same time, it also has facilitated the evil specter that originated
from the West's destroying the sons and daughters of the Yellow Emperor.

Fortunately, the publication of "Nine Commentaries on the Communist
Party" has not only informed people of the root causes of fear but also
let people know the best way to eliminate the fear: quit the evil party.

This godly book has liberated people from the bondage of their fear. I
firmly believe that, with the rising awareness of the Chinese people
and the surge in people quitting the party, the era of living without
fear is coming quietly.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/7/24/44947.html

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