I Will...And I Will Not

Allan Wu

PureInsight | August 19, 2007


In the maze, bound by illusions, I have sinned since I came into being,

I will not ask the penalty caused by debts to be lifted away from me;

I will face it fearlessly with endurance.

In the stream of life,

I will not ask for companionship to walk by my side;

I will subdue loneliness by showing contempt to sentimentality.

In times when I am most in need,

I will not ask for a hand to be extended;

I will use my inner strength to surmount the travails.

In the middle of the Cosmos' Calamity,

I will not beg in pity for sparing a salvation;

I will strive in any course to cleanse the filth in my body to majestically land a rescue.

I know I am worthless,

But please do not bestow upon me any blessings to convey Your benevolence;

But amidst tribulations that a heart of diamond and righteous faith in
You be the testimony of Your magnificent and boundless Grace and Glory.


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