Udumbara Flowers: Return of the Chakravartin

A Practitioner in New York

PureInsight | August 22, 2007


Precious celestial flowers on white stalks,

Udumbara flowers in full bloom,

From Korea to California,

They herald the return of the Lord.

The Holy King who Turns the Wheel,

The Lord of all Buddhas,

Descending to the human world,

Is Turning the Wheel of Fa.

Layers upon layers of sentient beings,

Layers upon layers of cosmic bodies,

bow in reverence and gratitude,

to the one who will save them all.

3,000 years into the Buddhist calendar,

Udumbara flowers in full bloom,

Heralding the arrival of Lord Buddha,

Whose compassion remakes Heaven and Earth.

Human beings may wonder,

Who is the Lord Buddha?

Yet a few fortunate ones know,

The Turning of the Law Wheel has already begun.

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