The Predestined Relationships of Three Lifetimes

Jing Ran

PureInsight | September 26, 2007

[] A few days
ago, I ran into a practitioner who told me about her predestined
relationships over three lifetimes. They were filled with heartbreaking
events and  made me think.

Awei was born in the beginning of the Republic of China and she married
Ahui. The two young people had a very happy marriage. Unfortunately,
something happened.  There was another young man who came into her
life.  She had very good feelings about him but he fell in love
with her. However, he was married and had a child. One day he told her,
"I want to marry you and I have to marry you. In order for you to
believe me, I'll take action and let you know my determination."

Awei said, "No, I like you but I love Ahui only and no man can replace
him." However, the young man ignored her words and divorced his wife
and got rid his child. He came back to Awei  and expected Awei to
elope with him. Awei refused. The young man became irate and choked her
to death. And that was in June, 1936.

After Awei's death, her main spirit reincarnated. She was born into a
minor tribe that lived on a high mountain. She was married in that
lifetime and her husband was the husband in the previous lifetime. They
were well-to-do and had a nice house and fine land. Both of them worked
hard and were happy and content. However, those nice days were not too
many. One day, the husband brought back a young girl and said, "I
brought her here and want to discuss with you the possibility that she
may become my concubine."

She said, "There is nothing to discuss since you have already brought
her back.  She did not have any children with her husband and the
concubine soon had a baby boy. Of course, this made the husband very
happy and he paid less attention to the wife. The wife was depressed,
but the concubine could not care less and schemed all day how to get
rid of the wife so that she herself could become the wife.

One day, after the wife did the field work and returned home, she
discovered that her husband and the concubine were missing and had
taken everything from the house with them. She was heartbroken. She
could not understand why her husband and the concubine would elope and
abandon her. She shed a river of tears and other people in the village
all tried to comfort her and hoped that she could find someone else.
After a while, she accepted it and faced her life alone courageously.
She followed other people's advice to find someone else. She went up
the mountain and sang a song and let the her voice echo everywhere.
Very quickly, someone responded to her song. She was so surprised and
went down the mountain to meet the admirer. It turned out to be her
eloped husband. She was so angry and kicked and punched him.

She asked, "Didn't you elope with that trash? How come that you are back again?"

He said, "Women, women, women! She found someone else and took the
child and abandoned me. I believe you are much better so I came back."
But she wasn't happy at all. She could not forgive him. She died young
with resentment in her heart not long after. That was June 1957.

Ahui felt remorse after her death and blamed himself for the tragedy.
He planned to pay her back in the next lifetime to make up for the
guilt in his heart.

Twenty years later, in June, 1977, Awei reincarnated again.

In this lifetime, she is not as beautiful as in the two previous
lifetimes but she is quite attractive. Because she had accumulated a
lot of virtue, she is very successful in business. She can make money
no matter what kind of business she has. Everyone is envious of her.
Her husband is Ahui again and he is handsome and well mannered. He is a
driver and works hard and has earned a good reputation as a good
worker.  Because he is here to repay what he owed in the previous
lifetime, he takes extra good care of her. People are wondering why
these two people with such different backgrounds are together. Of
course, it is all the result of a predestined relationship except no
one can tell that from the surface.

Just like what is said in Zhuan Falun,
"Human True Spirit is immortal. Then from your social activities in the
previous lives, you may have owed somebody, done harm to somebody or
committed some wrongdoing. The creditors will come to collect their
debts. It is said in Buddhism: humans live just according to the
causational principles of rewards and retributions. If you owe someone
something, he will come for his payment. If he gets more than he
should, he will return that to you next time. If a son disrespects his
parents, it will be the other way round in the next life. This is the
way it turns round."

Only because both of them are Dafa practitioners can they know their
previous lifetimes. Consequently, they cherish their predestined
relationship very much and they accommodate each other. I like to
remind our friends who understand cause and effect to cherish the
relationships they have built, be kind to others, and accumulate
virtue. On one hand, we can bring joy to others and on the other hand,
it also helps to cultivate ourselves. Such a good thing! Why don't we
all do it?

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